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Thread: Larry allen

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    Re: Larry allen

    "jaymz7" wrote:
    I think Neal would be a much better fit. He has already been in the team first situation.
    I would take either but I don't think there's ever been a knock of Allen not being a team guy. He does have at least one ring on his finger.


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    Re: Larry allen

    I would rather have Neal...he's younger with more upside. But Larry Allen wouldn't be a bad short-term long as he didn't want too much money. I do hate that he was a Cowboy for so long though...but not enough to be stupid about not signing him if he can improve our offensive line!

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    Re: Larry allen

    That would be a phenominal pickup

    Thanks PurpleMafia

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    Re: Larry allen

    Lions | Team could make a run at L. Allen
    Wed, 22 Mar 2006 05:34:58 -0800

    Steve Pate, of The Daily Oakland Press, reports the Detroit Lions could attempt to sign free agent OL Larry Allen (Cowboys). The Lions had made a run at acquiring Allen before he decided to remain with the Cowboys in 2004. Allen could be someone the Lions would consider to help out at the guard position.

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    Re: Larry allen

    Whether it's Larry Allen or Neal or Winston Justice or whoever it is, it doesn't matter to me. We just need a right tackle!

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    Re: Larry allen

    THe vikings are reportedly still in contact with Neal and Childress wouldn't rule out him siging with the Vikings. I think he would be a good additionat RG, Then Goldberg would be a solid back-up at both Guard positions.

    Thanks Lotza!

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    Re: Larry allen

    Neal and Allen. Sign them both.


    That would be a pretty decent line. We could probably get 1500 out of DJ Dozier with that line.

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    Re: Larry allen

    "tjohnson" wrote:
    "punisher" wrote:
    "ViKing24" wrote:
    Depends on how old he is but if he's the right age we should take him or stephen neal
    He's long in tooth - at least 35 - Neal would be a better fit if we can get him.
    I'm also a Pats fan (but obviously Vikes are #1) so I'd love to see Neal here. He's had a great transition from All-American wrestler to guard and I still think he has a lot of potential, which is great.

    What is with all these so called fans being fans of 2 or more teams? I guess I am old school where you have 1 favorite team, and the rest of the league is just playing with your team. So do you go to Pats fan sites, and say you are also a Viking fan (but obviously Pats are #1). I may like other players on other teams, but I am a Viking fan only, and that is the way it will always be.. That is your prefrence man, I just don't get it.

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    Re: Larry allen

    I would not mind any improvement to the Oline.

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