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    Re: Koren Robinson!!!

    as i have said in all the many other topics on krob, i dont want him back if he wants loads of money. hes just an average guy who did above average things. and who about the 4 other guys we have? they need to play too. and most of us want troy to get field time, and that means we are going to have to loose at least one of our WRs. and i would much rather resign bureslon than krob.
    We're bringing purple back.

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    Re: Koren Robinson!!!

    you have to remember he never actually said that he needs a 10 mil bonus if we want him back. thats just something that some guy from the media pulled out of his ass so he could write a story. i htink we can get him for a decent amound of $$$ for another 4 years or so. that would be the way to go

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    Re: Koren Robinson!!!

    "ltrey33" wrote:
    "snowinapril" wrote:
    "jackyl" wrote:
    I've heard rumblings about him getting Randy prices.... Vikes won't match that $ for Robinson, if someone else offers it.
    That is bogus. I wouldn't spend slightly more than what we spent on TT.

    At the skills competition, he looked like the pass dropping K-Rob of old. I just may have missed one or two contestants, but he was the only guy that dropped it while I was watching. Even the punter caught it.

    I want him on the team, but somebody else can pay him top dollar. We gambled on T-Will, let's make him earn his money. I for one still have confidence in Burley and TT.

    Most are down on DC for not being loyal and criticizing him for asking for more money. Well, if that is the case, then you can start letting K-Rob have it for his lack of loyalty too. He hasn't come out and said I want to be a Viking, I love it here. Ya ya ya, one is under contract and one isn't.

    One also got a chance to finish the year on the field and that is the lasting impression that you have. K-Rob was playing well, and that is what you remember.
    I agree SIA. I don't know what measure the skills competition is, lol, but I don't think K-Rob deserves that kind of dough. He had a great season as kick returner and gave our team a big boost, but he had an OK year at wideout, and didn't show that he could change the game like Randy used to. If someone offers him that kind of dough, I say take the compensation and let him go.
    Good points!

    As far as the skills competition, it is not a true test of WR skills. But, he is a WR and I expect him to have hands and catch the ball. It reminded me of the K-Rob of old in Sea. Actually scares the crap out of me and almost wants me to just hope we tell him to move along. It is a little irrational to think that, but that is my initial thought on it.

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