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    Re: Keyshawn Johnson

    Why would anyone want to add a giant turd to their roster?
    Rock out with your cock out!!!

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    Re: Keyshawn Johnson

    I say just throw him the damn ball-----somewhere else!

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    Re: Keyshawn Johnson

    Chiefs | Team gets a call from K. Johnson
    Wed, 22 Mar 2006 05:09:10 -0800

    The Wichita Eagle reports free agent WR Keyshawn Johnson (Cowboys) placed a call to Kansas City Chiefs president/general manager Carl Peterson late last week, and as usual, he was very direct. "I'd really like to be a Chief," Johnson told Peterson. Peterson said Tuesday, March 21, that he appreciates the interest, but the Chiefs have told Johnson to wait a couple of weeks until the franchise addresses some other needs on defense.

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    Re: Keyshawn Johnson

    Why anyone would want Keyshawn is beyond me. He's like T.O but without the ability to draw double-coverage.

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    Re: Keyshawn Johnson

    He has matured quite a bit.

    The writer for the Dallas newspaper, Kevin Blackestone, gave him some props the other day. Even said that Keyshawn was an asset to the team.

    Keyshawn kept himself in line in Big D because he had a coach that respected him and a coach that he respected. I think he would do well under Herm in KC. It might be another case of you don't know what you got till its gone (insert Cinderella Lyrics here), this time it isn't Parcells, it is Herm that Keshawn missed. I think he could respect Trent Green also.

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    Re: Keyshawn Johnson

    Me-Shawn can still play, but I don't think he is worth the risk. Especially since it is rumored that he says he knows what he is worth and it isn't 2.5 million. I guess he wants at least 5 mil per season. No way he is worth that anymore.

    Thanks Lotza!

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    Re: Keyshawn Johnson

    I originally thought he would be a good addition but now I will guarantee he will never be a Viking due to his MONEY coments.

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