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Thread: Keep Burly

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    Keep Burly

    Burleson will likely go to the seahawks I mean it's a win-win situation for him but definetly not for us. I mean Burly has the choice of a long term deal with Seahawks along with going to his hometown. I hope the vikings will keep him they certainly can afford him but I don't think will. We can not afford to lose burly for he and koren robinson are the only good receivers on the team. Besides that we would have to draft a WR as well as a QB and LB which are strong needs also. However if Burly goes it will give more time to Williamson to improve his talents at the starting position.Marcus Robinson and Travis Taylor are mediocre receivers that do not deserve the starting job if Burly were to leave. If he does leave we will receive a 3rd round draft pick which is more like a early 4th considering Seahawks are in the 31st spot.

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    Re: Keep Burly

    We already have 2 threads discussing Nate.

    Please add comments there.

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