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    Re: Just talked to a 'source'

    come on guys, I don't want my friends dad's grandma's maid info here, Don't put information that is not true, because we don't care.

    Thanks PurpleMafia

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    Re: Just talked to a 'source'

    This morning my son fell down and our family dog started humping his leg. That means we are going to sign an ex-Packer!

    Mark my words. This is much more concrete than janitors and ball boys.

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    Re: Just talked to a 'source'

    I totally disagree that Culpepper should go and I hope you'll take my misery with some compassion as we all bleed purple here.

    I can't believe this is happening. I refuse to accept it. Sorry. I am not ready to get on that band wagon.

    We do not know all the circumstances surrounding the party, the situation within and among the team and coaches before, and after his inury, what the expectations were, and so on. I am not absolving him of anything. I am saying we do not know what there is to know other than those things highlighted that sell news. No conspiracy. That's just how it works. But I agree that what we do know isn't all good. But is it really TO time?

    About the Boat Party, it sure turned into a disaster for us all, but don't you think for a second that it doesn't happen in every NFL city. They just don't have to hire in help and the locals don't go cry to the police that someone was doing something dirty that had nothing to do with them. I don't like it, but they're adults. This was a lot of prudishness, IMO. Has no one ever been to sprink break or thought, hey that looks like fun! I wish i were a rich SOB who everyone worshipped! It should have been a consenting party among adults and they failed to have "everyone" on board with the agenda, so to speak.

    But the history of this team has not been good when it comes to managing players, making trades, some of our draft picks (and the timing of picking them) and so on, have been really bad.

    Is Culpepper so unmanageable that we just HAVE TO get rid of him because he's punching other players, or did he do a Leonard Little and kill the mother of a family of 4 while drunk driving and then go out and get arrested again for drunk driving? No. None of that. He missed some meetings. Who doesn't realize that in this business these "men" are million dollar babies who need someone working with them, not their agent, someone who can give them good advice, and help get their mind right when the whole world seems to be against them. I do not see that coming from the Vikings. I agree that being firm and allowing no BS is a good strategy, but we haven't even had a meeting of the minds yet to know IF it will work out. What there has been reported so far leads me to believe that the new owner and coaches aren't going to do what it takes to bridge whatever infantile gap has been created here.

    This is the same fuge that surrounded the Moss trade. Nobody's really sure, but hey, give him the old heave ho overboard! Maybe it was the right decision. I don't know. But we sure didn't manage it well with the trade, etc.

    And what happens with Smoot, and McKinney? Is it time for them to go to then? Maybe so. What do you think? I was happy to see Kelly Campbell go. Maybe Culpepper has been worse than I realize.

    But come on. If not for Manning's insane 49 TDs, Culpepper was the bomb. And he spent more than half that year without Moss at all, or Moss playing decoy. And Nate was injured last year, along with every other problem we all know about. Let's see any QB succeed facing the opponents we had with our horrible O line and absent coaching staff who have ALL been Fired. I think that is a worthwhile point here.

    I want results. Who is going to fill Culpepper's shoes? Brees? Maybe. If we also get LT, sure, then it's hard to stink at QB. Who else? Some rookie who may not turn out to be a proven 4000 plus yard passer, year after year, Moss or no Moss?

    All that said, we could rely on Brad. He is right up the alley of our new coaches and owners. But he is also ready to put his spikes up soon. So, maybe the plan is to pay him to play and hopefully lead the team growing substantially around him and to draft a QB this year, or trade for someone with serious skills, and develop that person from the ground up. That's just so painful to say still. That means we have one shot this year, and who knows next year. QB is the one spot we have enjoyed stability and some confidence of excellence at the position for a long time.

    Last year, the unknowables we had were the quality of the replacement coaches who worked with Culpepper and the O line, and the injuries. We worked on everything else, but NOT overcoming those particular problems wiped out our season.

    Now, we have a new Owner, all new Coaches, tons of new players to integrate chemistry wise, a new Play Book. Change brings Chaos, in sports, business, in anything. What comes out of the Chaos is yet to be determined and I am hopeful, as I have been for 35 years of watching the Vikings. I have reason to be skeptical of the new management and I don't accept that so much onus is on the Player to solve problems like this. If Culpepper got an Email, rather than a phone call, or face to face on something that really made him THAT angry, clearly someone badly mismanaged the situation. What benefit to us is there if there is a clear division in the team AND questionable injury status?

    These lack of leadership complaints and missed meetings are issues to be dealt with, coached, supported (or if really no solution is possible, then TO him out the door), but we are driving his value down before trading him, like we did with Moss. And THAT is mismanagement to me. If you are going to get a deal done, everyone should be happy, at least until we get the other side to sign on the dotted line. Just ask Dallas.

    It may all be good. But I think we can only be at a disadvatage if we lose Culpepper. Time will tell.

    Beer just tastes SO much better when the Vikings are Feared in the NFL. I am ready for that again.

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