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    Re: Just met Jared Allen

    yeah leber said they'd be out soon

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    Re: Just met Jared Allen

    I am running JA69INC. Grew up with Jared Allen.
    Dylan Vicha
    Jared Allen 69 Inc.

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    Re: Just met Jared Allen

    "erik5032" wrote:
    "JA69INC" wrote:
    Jared Allen fans,

    The shirt "got strange" as well as others will be available to purchase next month online. Jared Allen's new website will be up shortly.

    Stay Tuned!

    Jared Allen 69 Inc.
    If that
    true man I will be buying one.. make sure to have X-Long shirts
    Jared Allen is 6'6". I don't think you really have to worry.

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