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    Re: John Parker Wilson?

    "Ranger" wrote:
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    I like steven Mcgee out of texas A&M better than wilson.. imo, he sucks jiggly butt... if Alabama had a better QB they would have won the national championship.. he couldnt get it to any of their receivers and having the alabama career passing record isnt' saying much...

    yeah, he has better stats than joe namath and kenny stabler, but that was in a different era when they played less games and didn't throw it the way modern teams throw it now...

    IMO, he's just not very good... but that's from my standpoint..

    pat white isnt bad... but mostly as a wildcat QB... i just don't see him being a starter here and i hate lefty Qb's...

    i'd rather have vick than him... lol
    White is, flat out, a good football player.
    I think he'll be fine as a quarterback, or whatever they make of him.
    He won games for West Virginia, something a guy like Josh Freeman never did for KSU.

    John Parker Wilson was called John Sarah Jessica Parker Wilson for a reason.
    different type of offense, different type of talent around them... u can't even begin to compare those two... esp given the offenses they played in... if ppl thought like u, then they'd have pat white going in the first round...

    Freeman didnt' have the ppl around him to really gauge his development, but besides that he has more attributes that translate better to the NFL unlike White when comparing them...

    that's why some guys are hella good in college but dont do pooh in the pro's and vice versa...
    I've said it before and I'll say it again.
    There's a reason why us KSU fans weren't huge on Freeman...and it's because he's diet-JaMarcus Russell-lite.
    He pads his stats against teams like Iowa State, but turns the ball over constantly against the top Big 12 teams.
    He's simply not that good.

    I think you're underrating the actual talent that was on KSU, as well.
    He had Jordy Nelson to throw to until this last season, and there were several decent players across the board.
    If he was as good a quarterback as people outside the Big 12 think, the team would have performed on a level with Kansas, instead of sucking it up in the Big 12 North, which is far weaker than the south.
    oh yeah, i seem to recall Jordy nelson being a juggernaut...

    with that said, KSU fans can be biased and not see the actual talent that's there or is masked by their bias...

    Just ask ppl from BC about Matt Ryan, and i'm sure they'd of said the same thing or something quite similar...
    haha, are you serious man?
    Jordy was a manimal out there, and smoked the shoes off of a certain first round cornerback from Kansas.

    My point being, while Freeman has all the measurables, he lacks what makes great quarterbacks great.
    The ability to shoulder their team and win games.
    Tebow has it.
    Montana had it.
    Elway had it.
    Freeman most certainly does not.

    Lol ... Elway did not even make it to a bowl game in college. So, you apparently think he deserved the chance to prove it in the NFL based on his NFL-quality attributes.
    I think Freeman is similar. On a team that was completely outmatched (talent top to bottom is clearly not as good as half the teams in the Big 12) and he did not do that well. I just think it is funny that you say "Elway had it" when he could not win in college any more than Freeman.

    Elway is the reason they won anything.
    Same with Cutler in college...had he not been such a good quarterback, they'd have been winless.

    The talent at KSU wasn't nearly as bad as people think.
    Check out Freeman's stats, man, but do it game by game.
    He feasted and stat padded against far inferior teams, and puked all over himself against good squads.

    KSU had the talent of KU.
    If the quarterback had the heart and ability to shoulder the load like Reesing, McCoy, Harrell, Daniels or any of those outstanding Big 12 quarterbacks, KSU would have been in the running for a Big 12 North title.

    He's the most physically gifted Big 12 quarterback, no doubt, but he doesn't have "it".

    maybe but like they all said you don't know that... they say the same think about Matt Ryan and Culter in college..

    problem being... KSU had shit for a team.. top to bottom not even close... compared to other schools and what those QB's had around them.. i think if Freeman was at say Georgia he'd be viewed as a much better prospect... plus KU runs a spread wide open offense.. so they score tons of points..

    hardly a fair comparison.. plus i think they did have more talent..

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    Re: John Parker Wilson?

    "Ranger" wrote:
    He's the most physically gifted Big 12 quarterback, no doubt, but he doesn't have "it".

    The 2009 NFL Combine Profile on Josh Freeman viewed from the perspective of his college statistics indicates he is a developmental project and he will require the proper program to help him find "it", if "it" is within him to find.
    "There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle. ~ Albert Einstein

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