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    Re: John Clayton!!! :)

    "cajunvike" wrote:
    "Mr Anderson" wrote:
    "AngloVike" wrote:
    If this did happen then it could be good but is it realistic ? Childress has mentioned about RB by committee, now is that because we don't have a RB that is able to handle the load for an entire game on the roster or because he feels better spreading the load about ?
    My only concern is that he may be looking to see if someone is wiling to overpay for him. The oddsmakers have listed the Colts as early Superbowl favourites for next season, so why would he want to leave a team which - at present has a stronger chance of winning - to go to a team that may be a couple of years away ?

    Also until the OL is brought back up to standard then the RB position is a moot point. If the holes are not there then very few RBs are going to blast ones open by themselves. Given that we're looking at changes to the OL then you're looking at time for them to gel.
    He'd leave the Colts because they are $4.2 million over the salary cap, and have 19 Free Agents, and they feel they don't need him to win. The Colts Organization basically told Edgerrin James that they will not be resigning him. After their comments he does not want to play for a team that feel that he can't help them. He was franchise tagged last off-season and was real pissed about that, then they signed Peyton to a 10 year 110 million dollar contract. He is an elite player in the NFL and feels he deserves better. Since they are already over the salary cap, and dedicated to resigning Dwight Freeney, Reggie Wayne, they're two biggest UFAs(I don't know what they're doing with Vanderjagt though, as well as many others). They have Cato June and Robert Mathis as RFAs.

    We have 23 million in cap room to spend on free agents this year(Red was such an donkey butt, but he could manage money like none other), we can afford to sign Edgerrin James, Keep Burleson, Koren Robinson, Edinger, hopefully Keith Newman(but I don't think we will, Tomlin is gonna want more solid tacklers at the OLB positions) and Fonoti(if he can control his weight). Even with those signings, it's only one big name, Edgerrin James, Burleson, Koren, Edinger, and Fonoti will not cost us much and we will have room to bring in a lineman like Steve Hutchinson from the Seahawks, or Stephen Nea from the Patriots, to protect our two big investments, Culpepper and possibly Edgerrin.

    The people we will lose, but surely replace in the draft are Corey Chavous(who I really hate to see go, but I don't think we are resigning him) Michael Bennett(who I say we try to send to Arizona for Adrian Wilson.(Denny Green called Bennett "A gift from God", so he might go for that trade), Moe Williams, Brian Williams(Who played great this year, and I would rather have than Smoot), Lance Johnstone and Sam Cowart, who are both old. We won't really lose anyone else of real importance.

    In the draft we could get either Michael Huff from Texas, or Jimmy Williams to play safety in place of Chavous, they're both first rounders, but one should definitely fall to us, hopefully Williams, he has better size, and is a harder hitter.

    We could also take a linebacker, like D'Qwell Jackson, to play that MLB spot. Although I think EJ Henderson or Dontarrious Thomas are both suited greatly for the Tampa 2 MLB spot.

    A guy I hear a lot about who is a guard out of USC Taitusi Lutui. He's being compared to David Dixon, he's 6'6 365, and played on that USC line, so we know he's good. I'm really not sure what we will do about the Right Tackle position.

    There's a million things we can do to improve the team this off season, and with new coaching and new ownership, along with a lot of money to spend, I see us making a bunch of signing within the first few weeks of Free Agency.

    Hopeful/Realistic lineup for next season would be

    QB: Daunte Culpepper
    RB: Edgerrin James*
    WR#1: Koren Robinson*
    WR#2: Nate Burleson*
    TE: Jermaine Wiggins
    FB/TE: Jimmy Kleinsasser
    LT: Bryant McKinnie
    LG: Toniu Fonoti*
    C: Matt Birk
    RG: Marcus Johnson
    RT: anyone but Rosenthal, possible sign John Runyan?*

    CB#1: Antoine Winfield
    CB#2: Fred Smoot
    FS: Darren Sharper
    SS: Jimmy Williams/ Michael Huff**
    MLB: EJ Henderson
    Will: Dontarrious Thomas
    Sam: Napoleon Harris
    DE: Kenechi Udeze
    DT: Pat Williams
    DT: Kevin Williams
    DE: Erasmus James

    K: Paul Edinger*
    P: "The Great One" Chris Kluwe

    All that typing and analyzing...and you make at least ONE huge mistake...which makes you look foolish...WE CAN'T TRADE BENNETT TO ARIZONA FOR WILSON...BECAUSE HE IS AN UNRESTRICTED FREE AGENT...THE CARDINALS CAN GET HIM WITHOUT GIVING UP WILSON!!!

    Sorry dude, but you have to do the research before you post your opinions!
    I thought I said we'd have to tag him? I did know he was a Free Agent, I could have sworn I said that, but whatever.

    Maybe I should proof read ops: I do the same thing in school, but still get A's lol

    And I think I did more than enough research before that post.

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    Re: John Clayton!!! :)

    Jeez Caj.. It was one mistake haha..

    Don't gotta look up each player and make sure they are FA's!

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    Re: John Clayton!!! :)

    We need to improve our LB the most of any position on the team, so if we sign a RB then we can draft a great LB.
    "Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn t work hard."

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    Re: John Clayton!!! :)

    He did correct it later on.

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    Re: John Clayton!!! :)

    I remember in 1993, going into the draft, we had a 1,000 yard rusher in Terry Allen, and still drafted Robert Smith in the 1st round. Look what happened, Allen got hurt .Wasn't it a good move to draft a RB?IMO, I'd love to have Edge, and still get a RB in the 1st round, build depth! Other than Moore and Fason(who didn't show much), who is going to be in the backfield next season?Smith may not be back,Williams may hang them up, and Bennett's a FA. O-lineman and LB's can also be picked up in FA.
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