Wow, what a great opening post, followed by some very good counter discussion points. In short, not much I can add, however, as I was studying the QB's this weekend (started the 7 round mock Sunday) I started to look at style of QB's that each team (that needs QB's) have on their team.

For the Vikes, I've been harping alot, especially last year, how this offense seems to work best when the QB can move around. Don't get me wrong, I'm not looking for a guy who will give you one look and run but rather a guy who can throw on the move.........Case in point, the best we saw the time we saw the offense most effective was in 2009. The Noodles legs worked. He did alot of nice stuff off the play action followed by a naked rollout to hit a reciever coming across the grain.

TJ wasn't a pure runner, but he was mobile. Had a cannon for a arm.

Thigpen. Another guy who excells when he is on the move. Not your traditional pocket passer. Most scouting reports said he played faster than he ran. Again, aluding to his mobility more than his passing skills.

JDB wasn't very mobile. More of a pocket passer with a weak arm. Didn't stick.

Webb, probably more of a runner than a thrower but he has a big arm and make some throws while on the move.

The next point of discussion that will arise, is the potential for a scheme change so you can then, if you want, take a look a the QB's that were selected when Musgrove was either a Coordinator or the QB coach.

Panthers 99(QB coach)00 (OCord) No QB taken
Jax 03 (Coord) Leftwich - Big Arm/Slow delivery/mobile QB
Jax 04 (QB Coach)
Deadskins 05 (QB Coach) Jason Campbell - Big Arm/Mobile QB.
Falcons 06-09 (QB Coach) 06 DJ Shockley - Mobile QB. Nice Arm.
08 Matt Ryan - Not a very fast QB but moves in and around the pocket nicely.

Having said all of that, I have 3 guys that seem to fit what the Vikes (in the past 4 years or so) (Gabbert/Newton/Locker) and Musgrove has looked at over his tenure that could be taken at 12 and (Ponder, Dalton, Stanzi, and Kaepernick) that could be taken at 43 if they are still there. All seem to move around nicely and seem to be pretty accurate throwers when on the move even though they can't be considered pure pocket passers. Again, I don't think the Vikes are looking for a cat like that.

Possesses prototypical height and bulk with a solid frame
Arm strength is well above average and can make all throws
Is much more athletic and mobile than given credit for Smart with outstanding vision and an excellent football IQ
Great instincts with an understanding of passing concepts
Displays terrific touch, timing and accuracy on throws
Always keeps eyes downfield and is looking to make a play
Can move in pocket, buy time with feet and throw on the run
Does not go down easily and is able to extend the action
Is extremely confident and a true top-notch competitor
Tough with a willingness and ability to play through pain
A hard worker and leader who teammates will rally around
Still has a ton of upside and best football lies ahead

Cam Newton.
Prototypical height and great bulk w/ a large frame
Outstanding natural athleticism and is very smooth
Excellent arm strength and can make all the throws
Displays a nice throwing motion and quick delivery
Extremely elusive and will make plays with his feet
Is able to work outside pocket and throw on the run
Is strong and stands tall while draped by defenders
Very tough and will fight through pain and injuries
Ice water in veins; rises to occasion under pressure
Super competitive with air of confidence about him
A winner who has shown a ability to elevate teams
Still has a ton of upside and sky might be the limit
Adequate height and ideal bulk with a sturdy frame
Fantastic all-around athlete
Arm strength is outstanding and can make all the throws
Smart, mature, hard working and a team leader
Great mobility to buy time and make plays with his feet
Throws well on the run
Impressive footwork and throwing mechanics
Nice touch, timing and accuracy
Spent two years working in a pro style system
Knows how to go through progressions. Keeps eyes downfield
Tough and Fearless. Will play through pain and injuries
Extremely competitive and supremely confident
Has proven to be clutch late in games
Able to adjust to adverse weather conditions
Lots of experience against top-notch competition
Still has a ton of upside and potential
In the end, I like Joe. He has one year of NFL experience under his belt. The current staff seems to like him and most importantly, the skillset he brings to the position.

My guess, the staff will take a QB at either 12 or 43 if one of the cats I listed above is there.

(key note: I was sure it was going to be Mallet head. Know I don't think he is the guy, mostly based on our scheme (atleast the scheme I think they will run) and what Musgrove has done in the past.

Again, great thread.