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    Re: Jarrett vs Johnson

    i really dont know much about either one, really, but looking at the internet and other mock drafts, i think johnson can help this team out big time, we need a physical WR THAT CAN CATCH THE BALL!!! somebody that can go across the middle with being afraid of getting hit (TROY *freakin* WILLIAMSON!!!)

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    Re: Jarrett vs Johnson

    "vikings11_27" wrote:
    "SharperImage42" wrote:
    Calvin Johnson, Dwayne Jarrett

    CJ- 6'5 230 more physical, can run better routes, good after touch. has a 45" vertical

    My comparison of him a Larry FItzgerald or a T.O.

    DJ- 6"5 205 not phsyical, better abiltiies to catch the higher pass, clutch, and is very fast

    My comparision of him Randy Moss, Plaxico Buress

    You clearly have no idea about either of these guys. For starters Calvin Johnson is 6'4. He is also faster than Larry Fitzgerald and Dwayne Jarrett (TO is a good comparison). CJ's estimated 40 time is 4.45, and Dwayne Jarrett's is 4.60. Dwayne Jarrett doesn't have a better abilty to catch the higher pass because he doesn't have as big of a vertical (Jarrett's is 38" and Johnson's is 45"). He is a possesion receiver, therefore both of your comparisons suck. Randy ran a 4.25, and Plaxico ran a 4.37. He is a lot like Keyshawn Johnson. The only thing you got right on was that you can't go wrong, both of these guys are and will be good.

    i no bout the 40 times it was just a quick thing i did cuz it was on my mind

    yes ive seen jarret play more cuz i live in Cali, and thats all i cud watch, even though im a huge Bruin fan, and CJ is actually listed 6'5 235 with a 4.40, thats wat i saw on college gameday 2 weeks ago, listing is always off sometimes, i mean KOBE is listed as 6'8 sometimes but hes really 6'6. yes i believe jarret is still like randy moss though, if u watch his finesse, and he has no physiciallity just like Moss

    i wud much rather have Calvin but i cud see our dumb management drafting Ginn


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