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    Re: It's Their Plan, And They're Sticking To It (All Read this one)

    The main thing to all look at here is even though we were 6-10 last year we were in most games.
    In most games but probably 2 of them we were one play away from winning.
    As said in many other posts our offense did move the ball decently last year.
    We were in the middle of the league until the last couple of games.
    Our biggest problem was getting the ball in the endzone.
    Kicking FGs does not win games.

    The players we lost so far were a big impact last year.
    Wiggins didn't do much (not that it was his fault).
    BJ, although I will always respect him, didn't have enough mobility to help the team last year.
    Artis Hicks stunk.
    Travis taylor was the #1 WR last year but common it's not saying much.

    Then you take in consideration Richardson was hurt the last half of the season.
    Ryan Cook had an opportunity to get some experience.
    TJack got some experience and we know he has mobility, a great arm.
    The guys we signed can help the STs.
    If we can cut down on the stupid penalties we can cut down on the stalling of drives.
    All we need is one of the decent WRs coming out of college to step up and be a good WR in the endzone.
    We have good prospects such as Nance and Carter.

    A lot is unproven right now however we weren't that far off last year.
    FA does not win superbowls unless a team is that one special player away. We all need to step back and see what happens with the rest of FA and the draft.
    I agree that the people we've obtained aren't team changing players but you have to wait and see what happens.
    It's hard to criticize after 2 weeks of FA.

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    Re: It's Their Plan, And They're Sticking To It (All Read this one)


    But none of that explains the fact that Childress was outcoached by every other rookie coach he faced except Detroit. Add to that the fact that we were just as close to losing the first Detroit game plus the Washington and Carolina games and we could have been 3-13.

    Personally I don't think the talent was at fault as much as the coaching and to that extent, if the coaching was better, we certainly had the potential to be a 9-7 or 10-6 team.

    If the staff gets outcoached this year like that it won't matter what we do personnel wise in the offseason.

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    Re: It's Their Plan, And They're Sticking To It (All Read this one)

    First time in a while I actually do not feel good about the upcoming season...maybe that's a good thin?

    "24 mil under the cap? there are teams 30 mil over the cap, heck that gives us at least 50 mil to spend"

    CollegeGuyJeff circa 2006

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    Re: It's Their Plan, And They're Sticking To It (All Read this one)

    right...keeps your hopes low, as i, then anything better than 6-10 will be a nice surprise.
    we lack offensive playmakers and our offense pretty much stinked last year.
    who did we have to throw to...
    who was our go-to guy?
    why was the pack better than us when they did nothing inFA to get better?
    answer these.
    hopes low and i think i like it that way.

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