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    If the 2011 offseason lasts well into 2012...

    Who will take charge and run the team after contact with the coaches can't be made, which is March 4th.

    read this article on pft and it really made me think..

    Link: Lockout will unlock a new universe of cheating

    My first instinct to organize practices and lead the team, was the defense. Kevin and EJ, hopefully Pat and Greenway once they're resigned. Also makes me think we need a veteran QB, fast.

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    Re: If the 2011 offseason lasts well into 2012...

    Interesting article. I can see Kevin Williams or E.J. definitely taking over the responsibilities. Obviously it's hard to tell but regardless it will be fun and interesting to see who takes over those duties and really shows leadership on the team.

    --Rather new to the site, I was on about a year ago and made some stupid comments that turned me away. like to reintroduce myself and say i'm definately going to make an effort to give my thoughts while at the same time be mindful and respectful of others! This site has always been a go to of mine and i'm looking forward to the banter!

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    Re: If the 2011 offseason lasts well into 2012...

    This is one of the reasons the Vikings went in-house for their head coach.

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    Re: If the 2011 offseason lasts well into 2012...

    The article does raise some points. As far as the defence goes then we do have the players that can take the lead for organising things. Our problem would be on offense as we don't have the QB at the moment to do that - maybe something that someone like AP could do, as I'm not sure any other offensive player would be up to the task.
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