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    i KNOW u gettin tired of this but..

    ...ANOTHER dcpepper article.

    Daunte faced with daunting dilemma

    By Pat Kirwan Senior Analyst
    (March 6, 2006) -- The more the rumors circulate about Daunte Culpepper possibly being traded, the issue will turn to what kind of deal makes sense rather than just cutting him. The Vikings star QB is hurt and no team wants to take a risk with big trade compensation until it knows he can regain his level of play.

    Culpepper would have to rework his contract for a new team and if he is stubborn about that aspect, he could find himself cut and on the street waiting for a full recovery before teams would get serious about his services. A team that would prefer to lock him up now in a trade will want to reduce the roster bonus due now, which seems possible to me if Culpepper is getting good advice about his present value. Most clubs would be willing to put the rest of the bonus back into the deal based on his health.

    As for the structure of a trade, I think the deal has to involve draft picks from the 2007 draft, not the 2006 draft. To take the guesswork out of when Culpepper will be healthy enough to play and how much of his former self a team expects to get means the compensation has to be staggered. Here's a sliding scale that I would consider if I were a team interested in Culpepper and if I was a member of the Vikings looking for fair value:

    If he never plays again ... no draft compensation. If he returns in time for half the season -- a second-round pick is warranted. If he returns for the majority of the season -- then a first-round pick. If he throws for a minimum of 3,000 yards, then a first- and third-round selection. If he makes the Pro Bowl -- a first-round pick in 2007 and 2008.

    wanted to be tha first one to find and post it. i dont expect a whole lotta responses or nothin just felt like postin!

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    Re: i KNOW u gettin tired of this but..

    Ya, I hate it when people do not have the decency to check to see if something was posted. Do a search Handy Dandy Search Tool 66

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