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    I introduce you to Jameson Konz

    Aight, so between final papers, classes, work, and the gf I have found little time for PPO in my life lately. But, recently I think I found a potential sleeper at FB for the vikings in the draft.

    Jameson Konz Kent State FB

    Here's what really drew me to him...(Channeling my inner Al Davis)

    6'4" 234 lbs of pure muscle

    Runs a 4.4 40

    Has a 46" vertical

    Oh, he also played OLB for Kent State

    And he just looks like a Nord...Perfect for the Vikes
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    [img width=450 height=55]http://img216.imageshac

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    Re:I introduce you to Jameson Konz

    I really like this guy.

    Most fan sites out there I've been visiting over the last week talk alot about him, but the main question is, what position do you draft him to play, FB, WR, LB......

    CBS Sports projects him as the 4th best FB and has him slated to go in the 7th round....

    CBS Sports - Konz

    Release: Average quickness off the line, hesitating instead of exploding. Rarely pressed in KSU's spread offense. Builds up deep speed after a couple of steps with long strides.

    Hands: Able to catch the ball away from his frame with his hands. Capable of the circus catch, but also drops passes that cannot happen at the next level. Loses concentration when trying to make a play before securing the ball, with bad body language after the drop. Excellent vertical to go up and over defenders. Must improve catching low throws.

    Route running: A bit robotic in his route-running, but flashes the ability to plant his foot and cut at a sharp angle outside. Downfield speed allows him to fake inside or outside and get separation, even though he runs a bit stiff. Good quickness down the seam. Takes time to gather on hitch routes, allowing defender into the play. Does not always finish routes downfield, especially if covered or not the primary option. Could work harder to get back to quarterback when play breaks down.

    After the catch: Used on bubble screens to take advantage of his speed and agility. Willing to lower the shoulder to get extra yardage with the ball in his hands. Runs through arm tackles from corners and can avoid cut tackles outside. Could be a matchup problem with linebackers once he's in space. Has enough elusiveness to avoid a defensive back's tackle but lacks great vision in the open field.

    Blocking: Gives effort to get to linebackers and safeties at the second level, but isn't as aggressive or physically dominating as you would expect as a former linebacker. Will throw a shoulder instead of trying to sustain. Lacks great flexibility and strength on the edge, and even cut blocks against cornerbacks are severely ineffective. Lines up as motion tight end; good quickness from his stance but hesitates to block, missing targets and struggling to stay engaged. Does not have lower-body strength to anchor on the line or in the open field.

    Intangibles: Played multiple positions; from receiver in high school to linebacker, stayed until team's depth allowed the switch back to offense. On-field effort was not always what it could have been, however. Considered more potential than production and a better athlete than football player at this time.
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