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    Re: How many linebackers do we need to draft/sign?

    I think the linebackers we have will turn out fine, but I would still love it if they drafted either Greenway or Sims in the 1st or D'Qwell Jackson in the 2nd. Between Leber, Henderson, Thomas, Harris, and one of those rookies, we should have three pretty good backers and some very good backups.

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    Re: How many linebackers do we need to draft/sign?

    To reiterate what others have said... I really think DT and EJ have the talent. EJ really came on last year. Additionally, coaching is something that is very important. Who knows what kind've coaching these two have received and whether or not a real philosophy was ever instilled in them. Truth be told, it seemed like Cottrell was changing his philosophy week to week. It wasn't until Antoine called him out that the D really started to play up to its potential. Additionally, I really like what I've read of our new LB coach's background. Check it out below. Former Ohio State LB coach from 82-95 and then 3 years as DC there as well.. not to mention his decent pro record. He obviously worked with Napo, who looked like crap last year IMO, and seems intent on working with him this year; so he must like something. It would seem that you would have to know what you're doing if you can stay at Buckeye Nation for that long. Not a big college football guy, but it seems that there D has always been tough over the years. Regardless, we still need to draft a LB or two... I think Peterson and Arrington are too expensive and/or won't fit the system we have or the FO would've brought them already (then again depending on the Hutch deal, we may still bring them here)... we should've gotten Witherspoon when we had the chance.

    Pagac (pronounced PUG-itch) comes to the Vikings with 24 seasons of coaching experience, including 5 in the NFL. He made his reputation tutoring standout defenses at his alma mater, Ohio State, where he spent 19 seasons on the sideline. Pagac coached Buckeye LBs from 1982-95 before taking over as defensive coordinator from 1996-99. During his tenure at OSU, Pagac had 10 players earn All-America honors, including Vikings CB Antoine Winfield, who earned the Thorpe Award as the top collegiate defensive back. Pagac started for 3 years at TE for the Buckeyes before moving on to an NFL career with Chicago (1974) and Tampa Bay (1976). He got his start coaching in 1978 under the legendary Woody Hayes.

    Pagac moved to the NFL as LBs coach in Oakland from 2001-03 before moving across the AFC West to Kansas City for 2004-05. The 2002 Raiders ranked #11 in the NFL in total defense and were #3 against the run as the team won the AFC and faced Tampa Bay in Super Bowl XXXVII. This season in Kansas City, the Chiefs ranked #7 in the NFL against the run, tied for #6 in the NFL with 31 takeaways and were tied for #4 in the NFL with 15 recovered fumbles. "I've had an opportunity to coach against Fred Pagac's linebackers for a lot of years in the Big Ten from when I was with the University of Illinois on," Childress said. "He has coached many, many professional athletes. He coached Napoleon Harris on this team when he was in Oakland. Fred broke in with Oakland and Jon Gruden gives him awful high marks. I've had a professional relationship with him for probably 20 years now and I've always admired the toughness and tenacity of his linebackers."
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    Re: How many linebackers do we need to draft/sign?

    I'm kinda let down with the offseason in terms on LB's. I really was exspecting for us to go out and really push to upgrade out LB"s. Atleast maybe reports of us being intrested in some of them. I know we'll get one in the draft either with the first pick or one of our seconds, but is that good enough? Our LB's have done nothing but not live up to thier hype. Maybe it was coaching, Cortrell could dumb down any player....but I'm still iffy.

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    Re: How many linebackers do we need to draft/sign?

    Please, Please, please don't draft a Linebacker. All that does is give us the most inexperienced LB corp in recent memory.

    We need to sign another Linebacker. I don't know about Arrington because he is kind of a free lancer, but the guy has got game. I think we need Peteron, I really do.

    Then there needs to be open competition between EJ, DT, Harris and I guess Rod Davis for the MLB spot. I don't know if EJ is fast enough but he does have skills, and I think would have been an excellent fit at Strong side, but that is where Leber is playing. DT, I think, has the speed and tools to be a really good MLB (he's shown promise in that position in the past, didn't he play it some in College) in the Cover-2 Scheme. I think they are the fron runners. Then you let Davis and Harris show off, maybe they will surprise.

    At the beginning of the off-season, when it was clear Peterson wasn't going to be tagged, I was hoping our LBs would be: Peterson (WILL) DT (Mike) EJ (Sam). I would have been very happy with that. Now we signed Leber so that takes EJ's spot and I don't know if he has to speed to play on the weakside or in the middle in Cover-2. And Dontarrious hasn't shown much except those couple of games EJ was injured and won rookie of the week honors playing MLB. I never thought Harris was very good and he proved that last year, so he is basically a solid back-up.

    If we don't sign Peterson then I guess we just need to re-sign Raonall, put EJ (or DT) in the middle and hope for the best with a really questionable LB corp.

    That being said. I really hate how ever year our LBs seem to be the worst part of our defense. Too slow, too inexperienced, etc. Finally, with allt he other pieces of our defense pretty much in place (need a safety and Nickelback) I was hoping we would pour some serious money into this unit and make it an exceptional unit. Now we sign one of San Deigo's back-ups and we haven't scheduled a visit with another Linebacker.

    Leber could turn out to be really good. The guy has potential, I agree. But potential doesn't win football games. I want(ed) a proven guy to play Linebacker for us. We don't have that on our roster right now, I don't think anyone can disagree with that.
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    Re: How many linebackers do we need to draft/sign?

    "audioghost" wrote:
    I say 1 more speedy, talented, starting backup b/s....


    Not another Leber-style backup, penny pinching, b/s move!

    Somebody that we're sure they'll perform when they're on the field!
    I say no way to Peterson or Arrington. I like both players, but I don't think they fit into the new look Vikings. Arrington is too much of a freelancer for the cover 2 and Peterson is a strong run stopper, but not the ballhawking pass defender that we should be looking for.

    I actually think EJ will work well in the new system. I do think, however, that getting someone in the draft would be a good idea. I just hate the though of drafting ANOTHER linebacker who doesn't play up to potential.

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    Re: How many linebackers do we need to draft/sign?

    I wouldn't mind picking up a LB in the first or second (If we don't trade up for qb), or getting someone line Arrington or Peterson. I have a feeling that the FA will cost more than their worth.

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    Re: How many linebackers do we need to draft/sign?

    "damien927" wrote:
    Greenway will not make it into the 2nd rd, not to mention, the middle of it. Wishful thinking is even if he is there when we pick in the 1st round. I say take Sims or greenway in the first rd. Sims if they are both available. Hodge in the 2nd.
    The reason I think he'll slip is because he timed a 4.78 40 and did not bench press too many times. His stock is slipping as all the other LB's are running a lot quicker and doing a lot better in drills. Or so the scouts are saying. But we all know the real talent of a LB is how they do in games, and Greenway steps up big in games.

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