"RK." wrote:
With all the something special going on here, offering him
$74 million with a $31 million guarantee didn't hurt either.
Then throw in a compensation package of 3 draft picks that no one else could match and you have a solution to a problem.

Funny how people still doubt our Front Office and thier capabilities.

We got the best DE in FA (even though he was tagged), the second best WR in FA (the best one wasn't coming here anyway) and the best S out there in FA.

They added some role players at almost every position to include a damn good looking FB who can contribute for years to come.

Our team not only got younger this year, it got better and that my friends, is the reason we should all shut our yaps and support thier efforts instead of beeyyyyatching about it all the time.

Blame RK for the rant my friends.
His excellent point just got me going.

(Marrdro gets off of his soapbox and puts the Rant Button away for the day)