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    History Shows the Vikings Need to Trade AD

    WARNING......This one is by a renowned, legitimate author........And its dumber than any BR blog I've ever seen.

    If the Vikings make it known that Peterson is on the trading block, some team convinced it is only a running back away from a Super Bowl will offer a treasure trove of draft picks for Peterson at some point before the Week Six trade deadline.

    Finding a willing trade partner should not even be difficult. Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer has a few good years left in the tank, but has stated adamantly he will retire if the Bengals do not trade him. Trading away Palmer and enough draft ammunition to convince the Vikings to send Peterson to Cincinnati would allow the Bengals to get value for their malcontent quarterback and dramatically bolster their running game to take the workload off rookie quarterback Andy Dalton’s shoulders. Obtaining Palmer would fill the Vikings’ biggest hole while first-round draft pick Christian Ponder develops into a starting-caliber quarterback, and would give the Vikings draft picks to fill more of the holes in their roster next offseason.
    History Shows the Vikings Need to Trade Adrian Peterson
    I mean seriously, do you really think that the Bengals would be a team that is a RB away from the SB if they traded Carson and went to the grass with Andy Dalton?

    And to think the Vikes should get rid of AD cause the author thinks Ponder isn't ready. Is he smoking something? If Ponders not ready then Daltons not ready.

    LOL, what a yutz. Someone post me a Bleacher report, or any other blog written by a fan. Atleast most of those have have made some semblence of sense lately.
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    Re: History Shows the Vikings Need to Trade AD

    Wow ... that is about the most shitty argument for a trade I have ever read.

    If you want to argue that we could get a boatload of picks for him and build for the future ... fine. But it has been done a countless number of times already. His PEERS consider him the THIRD best player in the frickin league. You don't trade him unless it is for a monster deal.

    Carson Palmer is not a monster deal. And as Marr pointed out. Really? Ponder is not ready, but Dalton is? The Bengals with Peterson are Super Bowl contenders? But the Vikings with him aren't?

    What a horrible piece of drivel.

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    Re: History Shows the Vikings Need to Trade AD

    That would be a Hershel Walker type cockup... AD for Carson Palmer and draft picks?? please.. even Palmers mother wouldn't go for trade like that in her FF league.
    Please let the CBA be sorted so we can have proper news.
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    Re: History Shows the Vikings Need to Trade AD

    Think I'm actually a lil dumber after reading that article.. :S

    What a POS that piece was.. lol

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    Re: History Shows the Vikings Need to Trade AD

    Hmmmm, can I have that time back? The Warning was spot on...ooooofa

    Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent
    As a matter of fact, I do know

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