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Thread: Hands Man

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    Re: Hands Man

    "Packkill3r" wrote:
    So, if the Vikes are smart, they will not touch the Burly contract. That is way too much for him, and we have plenty of other holes to fix. But, we will be losing our possesion receiver and we will need to address that with either our two 2nd or 3rd round picks. We will now have 5 picks on day 1 of the draft. Boy, we can add some depth now. I'm just woried that we dont have a hands man to get us that short firstdown. Jermaine Wiggins was that guy and probably will be again this year. Do any of you guys think that Travis Taylor can be that guy or anyone else?
    I think Travis Taylor already IS that guy.

    I think Williamson will continue to grow, but I don't expect pro-bowl numbers from him this year. 3 years seems to be the magic number for most receivers.

    The Robinson's are also formidable. Koren has speed, and Marcus always seems to be there in the end zone. I look forward to more participation by Koren this season - I felt he was underused last season.

    Burleson was good...don't get me wrong....but he didn't do anything that these guys aren't doing.


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    Re: Hands Man

    I like taylor alot I think he can come in this year and show us all he can be the number 1 guy

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    Re: Hands Man

    We will for sure have a great hands reciever and a great deep threat reciever on our team next season. Who it will be is what needs to be determined..

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    Re: Hands Man

    I think what it all means is that Wiggy needs to have an even better season, and he a BJ need to synergize.
    "I hate when threads are destroyed by facts and logic."
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    Thanks Josdin!

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    Re: Hands Man

    i think travis will come back big this year. he always seems to catch the ball and he flys under the radar.

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