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Thread: Greg Blue

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    Re: Greg Blue

    I think we should move him to MLB, not OLB. If you guys remember right in the Tampa 2, the two safetys are responsible for the deep corners, and the MLB drops back inbetween them to take the deep middle, acting almost like another safety. Blue having experience playing safety, so he has the speed and coverage to drop back, and he also is very good at coming up to stuff the run would be perfect for the spot IMO. The only dropback is his size but we might be able to get him to bulk up about 10-15 lbs.

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    Re: Greg Blue

    he cant cover.. he needs to play linebacker somewhere, he can cover a te speed there should not be an issue. If he hits hard like I am reading then the running backs will not run at him. The defense should benefit from that..


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    Re: Greg Blue

    [size=18px]Safety blue over fall in NFL Draft[/size]

    Published , May 02, 2006, 06:00:01 AM EDT

    STOCKBRIDGE — Saturday afternoon, inside apartment 508, there was no draft day hoopla.

    CNN Headline News was on TV, not ESPN draft guru Mel Kiper. The ticker showed stock prices, not recent team picks.

    It was just Greg Blue having a normal weekend with his sister and niece.

    “My mom’s not even over here,” Georgia’s former safety said.

    It was a far stretch from the draft day extravaganzas hosted by former teammates Leonard Pope and DeMario Minter.

    “It’s just an off day for me,” said Blue, who only watched the first 10 picks. “We’re just chillin’. It’s just a regular day for me today.”

    Blue’s weekend would eventually pick up — about 18 hours and more than 100 picks later — when he was drafted in the fifth round by the Minnesota Vikings.

    “I wish I went higher,” Blue said on Sunday in a phone interview. “It’ll show in a couple years. I’m going to be a fifth round gem.”

    Blue was not alone in playing the waiting game. For the first time since the 2000 draft, no Bulldogs were selected in the first round.

    In fact, only two Bulldogs were selected in the first three rounds.

    Perhaps the only Bulldog to exceed expectations was cornerback Tim Jennings, who was selected at the end of the second round.

    “I'm real surprised,” Jennings said. “We had a lot of great players, with Max Jean-Gilles and Leonard Pope and all the other guys.”

    To Blue, waiting was the toughest part of the entire draft process.

    “My agent had told me I’d probably go in the fourth round,” he said. “It’s hard seeing guys from your same position go higher than you.”

    There were 14 safeties taken ahead of Blue, including three from the SEC — Jason Allen (Tennessee), Roman Harper (Alabama) and Ko Simpson (South Carolina). There were three safeties taken in the fourth round, the round he felt he would be drafted.

    Blue’s draft stock slipped after questions about his pass-covering skills arose in pre-draft workouts. Some suggested he may be better off as linebacker.

    Blue said he’ll play linebacker or safety, and do what he can on special teams as well.

    On Saturday, Blue said his ideal situation would be a warm-

    weather, southern city. Atlanta would have been nice, he said, because his family was there and it was his home.

    “I got the call,” he said. “And they (the Vikings) asked me if I was willing to play there, because they were about to pick me with their last pick.”

    “I got a lot of weight off my shoulders,” he said.

    Blue joins a secondary with only three safeties, including nine-year veteran Darren Sharper.

    The Vikings finished 9-7 last season and missed out on the playoffs in a competitive NFC.

    And although Minnesota is not exactly warm, it’ll have to do.

    “It’s cold there,” said Blue, who graduated in December.

    “But they play in a dome, so I’ll be alright.”

    “Just to get the opportunity to play football and they pay you … it’s a great accomplishment.”

    Safety blue over fall in NFL Draft

    "If at first you don't succeed, parachuting is not for you"

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    Re: Greg Blue

    sounds like the opposite of michael boulware to me.

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    Re: Greg Blue

    I like his confidence. I seen a few of his games he is a good leader.

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    Re: Greg Blue

    I love players that come into the league thinking they have something to prove...GOOOOOOO BLUUUUUUEEEEEEEEE

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