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Thread: Grain of Salt

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    Re: Grain of Salt

    You're correct. I am not a coach or front-office person.

    But I definitely should be.

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    Re: Grain of Salt

    Oh well...
    focus on the future of our team and ignore the coming blathering of the 2008 election year!
    "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."
    Edmund Burke

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    Re: Grain of Salt

    "Schutz" wrote:

    A message from reason.

    Now that the offseason is upon us I thought that it would be a good time to roll out some advise for everybody to take in and think about when it comes to discussing trades/FA/draft.

    To start, we all know that none of us are in the front office and or a coach, this is a fact of life.
    So just because someone's opinion is different than yours doesn't mean you can break out the "you're not a coach" card, in fact neither is that person a coach or front office person and they have no more insight into what the Vikings will or should do.
    The only ways these arguments are going to end is the anti people eating crow or being told they were wrong anyways for having their opinion before the almighty front office/coaching staff did.

    The reasons to keep this in mind at this time of the year is simply there isn't enough reason to babbling at each other angry or doing anything that is childish like name calling.
    So please people, lets just have a civilized discussion on things that doesn't involve so much name calling and anger.

    One last point as well, when somebody brings up an argument, no matter how dumb let's not just respond in one sentence about how they aren't a coach, or on the other side just throw out random pointless stats.

    The offseason should be a time of discussion, not yelling.
    None of us our experts or else we'd be coaching or have a job at ESPN.
    I'm not a NFL coach, but I did stay at a Comfort Inn last nigt. ;D I'm not so sure some of the guys at ESPN should be called "experts" in any way shape or form. :

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    Re: Grain of Salt

    True, I'm pretty sure my old High School football coach has more insight into football than Sean "backup" Salsbari(or however you spell that never was's name.)

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