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    Re: Goldenboy speaks

    People were bashing Daunte for sucking. Brad isn't the best but he came in and won. You claim to have had season tickets. How did you miss that part of the season. You really are the dumbest poster on here.


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    Re: Goldenboy speaks

    "MensaTice" wrote:
    "PurpleRide" wrote:
    Desmond Howard SB-1
    Cris Carter-0
    Who is better? SB's don't mean everything...Look at the numbers

    Johnsons' agent stated something that you might not want to hear because for some reason he's god.
    Try reading the first sentence if you are going to quote me. I know you are stupid but I didn't think dyslexic as well. What would make you say he's God other than you are an idiot? Its obvious you are not a Vikings fan and you know nothing about football. You are also either mentally ret@rded or have some serious homoerotic tendencies toward Daunte. You are a troll and you aren't fooling anyone.

    I've looked at the numbers. Look at the most recent numbers when all things were equal.

    Comparing two starting QBs is more realistice than a #1 reciever vs a return man. Try again loser. I see where you are going with that one but you still missed it.
    Ok tice, follow your leader.
    You republican whore!

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    Re: Goldenboy speaks

    The difference is Daunte really said that.

    Purpleride is making shit up because he is oh so sad Culpepper is gone. We are all racist to, racist rednecks because he is gone.

    Johnson never said that.

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