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    FREE Draft Guid Available

    I picked up this tidbit from the "Daily Norseman."

    Well, since it's time for the Vikings to start looking towards the draft, what better place to start than a guide with the low, low price of. . .FREE?

    Yes, Matt Miller. . .the man who runs SBNation's draft site, Mocking the Draft and the president of New Era Scouting. . .has made available to one and all a MASSIVE draft guide in .pdf format.
    It's available off the Daily Norseman page at this website:
    Go down the page to headline: "Free Draft Guide Available" There a bit more information on it there, too.
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    Re: FREE Draft Guid Available

    Thanks my friend.
    I will get it.
    Just another one to add to my pile.

    By the way, the best one out there (gotta pay for it) is the one by Ourlads.
    Excellent breakdowns.
    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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