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    Re: Free Agent Pickups -Who Do YOu Want

    "DefensivePlaymaker" wrote:
    "VikemanX84" wrote:
    I think our top priority has to be Linebacker. That area has been a liability for years.
    So I think our Number 1 priority has to be Julian Peterson. If we can't (or more likely won't) go after him then I say we trade a WR for LaVar Arrington or sign Will Witherspoon.

    Next I think Resigning Offord and Robinson. If we resign Offord I think we're set at the SS position with Dustin Fox comming in next year. Maybe we draft someone second day for depth.

    Then If B-will leaves we need a Cornerback. I guess that means Woodson or if we want to have faith in Smoot then maybe get R.W. McQuarters for insurance (He played well, good STer, knows the division like the back of his hand).

    Then we need some OL help. Resigning Fonoti would be nice and I don't think Mike Rosenthal is a very good Tackle. So if the Titans release Hopkins or maybe we trade a late round pick for him or whatever. Otherwise I would like to see us go after Mike Williams. Don't laugh at me but It hink would be awesome to have the top-2 OLman from that draft. McKennie played like a Pro-Bowler last year and Mike Williams has been a Pro-Bowler before. I think with a better coaching Staff and maybe a new start he could really shine.

    What about Running Back? Well, I don't think we need to sign an "old" FA RB. While I don't buy into the fact that 30 or 29 or 28 is old for a RB, I do buy into Lawrence Maroney and DeAngelo Williams. If we can get a really young, good runnner without having to spend money on a big name guy, then that would be ideal. !. Draft RB 2. James 3. Shaun Alexander After that I'd almost rather have Onterrio back and see what Moore, Fason, and the RB formerly known as SOD on our Roster. Jamal Lewis only if the Price is right. I do think he is old and worn down.

    Quarterback. If we trade Daunte this moves up to Number one, if we don't then it's off the list. Drew Brees in Free Agency, otherwise I'm actually open for Marcus Vick (4.42-40 at the Combine?) to com in and learn from Brad Johnson for a year or two. If this Happens then I think we definitely need to get a Top-level Free Agent Runningback because I'm not convinced Brad can keep defenses honest. Our offense was down right horrible the whole of last year. If we surround Brad Johnson with Excellent players and top defense he can lead us to a Championship, I'm sure, but he isn't going win us any games.

    Defensive Line - It depends on whether we are sold on Udeze. If we are then it is a really crowded area and we might just want to draft some a little more talented Depth. If we aren't then we bring back Johnstone to pass rush.

    Kicker - I'm okay with Edinger, but I hear he wants a raise. I'm not willing to give him a raise and Vanderjagt isn't a clutch performer. So I guess if John Hall is released or I hope we could make a nice push for Vinitari.

    So I guess my order is:

    1. Julian Petterson AND/or Arrington/Witherspoon
    2. Resign Offord, Robinson, and Fonoti
    3a. Vinitari/Hall/Edinger
    3b. Charles Woodson/R.W. McQuarters (if Bwill leaves)
    4. Mike Williams
    5. Edge/Alexander
    6. Brees
    7. Resign Johnstone/investigate John Abraham

    On the issue of Cap space - after all the spending we did last year we were still about 10 million under the cap at the start of the season. We have plently of money, especially if Daunte gets traded before the signing Bonus. Also, this CBA situation plays into our hands as we like to front load the contracts anyway.
    You'd almost rather have Onterrio back?? Are you crazy? Mr. thanks. And Marcus Vick? Scrambling quarterbacks are sometimes fun to watch, but they usually won't win you championships....for example Aaron Brooks, Steve McNair, Michael Vick, Randall Cunningham, Dante Culpepper, and Donovan McNabb. I'll take a Drew Brees, Tom Brady, and Brad Johnson any day.
    I'd rather have Onterrio back. He is a fabulous player and he deserves another chance and no I am not crazy nor is he

    DCPologirl:Maybe Randy will make Aaron Brooks look better......roflmao Del Rio: I guarantee he will

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    Re: Free Agent Pickups -Who Do YOu Want

    sign LBers and Oline first...and Edge would make our team instantly better.

    Runyan and Edge, those are on my wish list.

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    Re: Free Agent Pickups -Who Do YOu Want

    I like the idea of drafting Chad Jackson in the 1st. If we sign Edge, a good LB, and a good O-lineman then he would be the best player available so we should take him; if we got Jackson or Vernon Davis our offense could be amazing. I think we should sign Edge, Bentley/Neal, Runyan, and Arrington/Peterson/Witherspoon. Then we can trade Robinson or Burleson and then draft Jackson in the 1st, a LB in the 2nd, and G in the 3rd. We'd fill all of our major needs and our offense would be better than it ever was with Moss.

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    Re: Free Agent Pickups -Who Do YOu Want

    With $24 million under the salary cap, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reports that the Vikings could go after Seattle guard Steve Hutchinson, New Orleans guard and center LeCharles Bentley, Indianapolis running back Edgerrin James, New England kicker Adam Vinatieri or Carolina linebacker Will Witherspoon.

    these players would be nice

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    Re: Free Agent Pickups -Who Do YOu Want

    Well, about the having to pay big bucks for a first round pick post - that 2.7 million is probably about half of what we would pay Edge and about a third of his salary last year. And Honestly we don't know how he is going to do without Peyton Manning and that offense or if he can fit into ours. I think teams generally prefer to draft running backs and bring them a long their first year and hope for the best. I mean, in the unlikely event that Maroney or Williams fail at the next level we still have a good guy in Mewelde as an insurrance policy. I would love to have Edge on our team and if we sign him at a market price thats great, but I would rather us draft a running back and save the money.

    I figured I'd get beat-up for suggesting that I'd be okay with Marcus Vick and Onterrio. However, I believe in second chances. We gave Cris Carter a second chance and loom how that turned out for us. We gave Randy Moss a second chance and he was awesome, we gave Koren Robinson a second chance and he was our offensive MVP last year (Please, don't anybody shoot back and say it was Brad Johnson. If it wasn't for K Rob Johnson would have looked even worse than he did) And, honestly, it isn't going to cost us a damn thing. We sign Onterrio for the bare minimum and draft Vick on the second day with picks you use on risky players. If they don't work out, then you cut your losses and move on, for the talent they have they are worth the risk.

    The other thing someone said was that scrambling Quarterbacks don't win you championships. I don't think that is true. There aren't very many scrambling quarterbacks in the NFL today, I know it seems like there is because they are always in the news because they are so good. Just thinking off the top of my head I can name the following scrambling quarterbacks:

    McNair (kinda)

    However, then there are guys who have had more success than the scramblers like Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. But honestly - look on that list and tell me who has weapons like Manning does? Who has coaching like Brady does? I think there is more pressure put on scrambling quarterbacks and they are expected to do it all so owners don't go all out and get Marvin Harrisson, Edge, Wayne, Stokely, and a awesome offensive line because their scramble QB doesn't need a great offensive line, he can buy time so you don't need an awesome WR corp, and they can run themselves so you don't need an elite Running back. If you look at the scrambling quarterbacks today, very few (and none on that list) have a really good team around them, when they do get a good team they have a lot of success. When McNabb and McNair had a good team, they went to the Super Bowl and only a handful of quarterbacks at all can say that. I just think people expect too much from scrambling quarterbacks. You need a team.
    When it s all said and done, you ll have to admit we re number 1!

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    Re: Free Agent Pickups -Who Do YOu Want

    My offseason wishlist...

    1. Brees- DC has made it quite clear that he is either partially retarded or that he doens't want to be here anymore. Give him his wish AFTER signing Drew Brees.

    2. Edge- He would make the Vikes offense better right away. He also still has a lot in the tank. We have the money to front-load a contract that would pay him well, but also leave us with the abilty to cut him on the cheap in a few years if he wears out.

    3. Any top LB's. Petersen, witherspoon and Arrington would top my list. Preferably one in FA and one in the draft with first or 2nd round depending on what they do with RB in FA.

    4. Bentely- I guess it is between the Ealges and the vikes on this one. He is only 26 and is a probowl C/G. He could play with, or replace Birk if needed and stabilize a line that needs it badly.

    5. Hutchinson or Runyan- Either of these guys along with Bentley, Birk, McKinnie would make one hell of an o-line.

    Thanks Lotza!

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    Re: Free Agent Pickups -Who Do YOu Want

    Hello Purple Pride,
    I have been reading this site for quite awhile and I am just now making my first post. It is nice to be here. I found this free agency material on the web site, which helped to give me all of the ins and outs of each free agent this year (not only the biased views). It is pretty obvious, it seems, that our Vikings need the most help at RB, LB, OL, and SS (maybe QB as well). Therefore, I copied the descriptions of the players from free agency from espn's web site that I thought would be a good fit in Minny. Obviously, we can't take everyone, but here are my picks of players that we must take a look at if we are smart. Some are studs (Edge), and some of these are more of a value pick (Morris). As was said in other posts, we can not take the best at each position, but we do have enough money to take a combination of a few of these players. I included the experts ratings on the player (and what those ratings mean), the experts' analysis of these players, and my personal take on each of them. I hope that I followed all of the rules of the website (citing my source correctly) and that I am not a repeat poster. If I didn't do something correctly, I'm sure that you will educate me. Here goes:

    Player Rating Key:
    90-100: Elite Player
    Player demonstrates rare abilities and can create mismatches that have an obvious impact on the game. ... Premier NFL player with all the skills to consistently play at a championship level... Rates in the top 5 at his position in the league.

    80-89: Outstanding Player
    Player has abilities to create mismatches against most opponents in the NFL. ... A feature player who has an impact on the outcome of the game. ... Cannot be shut down by a single player and plays on a consistent level week in and week out. ... Rates at the top 10 at his position in the league.

    75-79: Solid Starter
    Solid starter who is close to being an elite player. ... No glaring weaknesses and will usually win his individual match-up, but does not dominate in every game, especially when matched against the top players in the league. ... Will usually rate in the top 20 players at his position in the league.

    70-74: Good Starter
    Good starter who is usually a consistent player with excellent competitiveness and is the heart of the team, but is not a dominant player against the better players he faces on a weekly basis. ... Gives you great effort, and you are glad he is on your team, but he may or may not go to the next level.

    65-69: Adequate Starter
    This player is an adequate starter who will give a solid effort week in and week out, but he is overmatched against the better players in the league. ... His weaknesses will be exposed, and he will not survive most man-to-man matchups. ... He is a player you like having on your team, but he is never going to be a star, and you could live with him. ... He defines the term "blue collar."

    Edgerrin James
    Grade 90 Expert's Take: James has a great combination of power and speed as a running back. He runs with a low pad level and he is rarely knocked back when he runs between the tackles. He has a good forward lean as he runs. He has the speed to turn the corner on the toss play or to break to the outside once he has broken the line of scrimmage. He has great vision and he is able to see the cut back lanes and he shows great patience in waiting for an opening and he shows great acceleration to hit the hole. He has excellent instincts as a running back and he has the elusiveness to make the first tackler miss. Rarely does the first tackler get him on the ground. He has great balance and he can get the tough yards after being hit. He has excellent hands and the focus and concentration to be a reliable receiver out of the backfield. He can make the catch in his hands away from his body and he shows that he can make the difficult catch over his shoulder. He runs good routes and he shows that he has good awareness in attacking both zone and man to man coverage. When called upon in pass protection he is aggressive and has good explosiveness as a blocker. He is the perfect fit for the one back offense as he can split out of the backfield and line up as a wide receiver. He is a threat with the ball in his hands after the catch. Much has been made of the knee injury he suffered however he continues to have the same production as before the injury. He may have lost a step or two as a breakaway threat but he is still a dangerous ball carrier. He tends to put the ball on the ground too often and he has to take better care of the ball. Durability has become an issue as he has missed playing time due to various injuries.

    My Personal Take: Edgerrin James is a proven back that can run with speed and power, and he can be a part in the passing game as well. He has been a part of a successful team, meaning he can help lead the other backs, as well as the team. In my opinion, he is worth bigger money for his leadership, especially if players’ salaries drop this year due to the lack of teams that can be competitive in the free agent market and the surplus of running back options.

    Adrian Peterson
    Grade 90 Expert's Take: Peterson is an excellent athlete who has the versatility to play a number of positions on the roster. He has lined up and has had success as an outside linebacker, inside linebacker, defensive end, and strong safety. He has adequate size for the linebacker spot and he is very fluid in his movement. He has very good foot quickness and he has excellent running ability. He has a very good hip turn and he shows that he can flip his hips and turn and run and he can cover most backs and tight ends in man to man coverage. He is very comfortable in space and he gets good depth in his zone drops and he gets a good break on the ball when it is thrown. He makes plays all over the field and he has the range to be a sideline to sideline player and he re directs to the ball well. He shows that he can run plays down from the backside. He has great upper body strength and he has great explosiveness in his get off. He has long arms and he plays with good leverage and he has a knack for exploding into a blocker and getting under his pads and creating separation. He uses his hands well in playing through traffic to the ball and blockers have a difficult time getting into his body. He can challenge the corner as a pass rusher and he shows the use of s good variety of pass rush moves and the counters off those moves that keeps a tackle off balance. He does an excellent job in line stunts and he has great closing speed to the quarterback. He plays hard and he goes to the ball aggressively and he is a strong tackler who clubs up with his arms. His size becomes somewhat of a liability as an edge rusher and he can be neutralized by a big offensive tackle who is able to front him up and lock on. He needs to improve his ability to diagnose plays and get better at taking on plays that are straight at him.

    My Personal Take: Peterson may have had a lack of production last year, however, that could be to the advantage of the Vikings. He may require a little less money because of his lack of production. Peterson can play a variety of positions (including all linebacker positions and safety), and he could prove to be another leader to help this team come together. Not many players will know how to deal with adversity as Peterson, who has been playing on the lowly Niners.

    Steve Hutchinson
    Grade 87 Expert's Take: Hutchinson, designated the Seahawks' transition player, is one of the better OG in this league. He does not possess the ideal athletic ability but he is technically sound and efficient in all phases of his game. He has an excellent working knowledge of offensive line play and he is consistent and he does not make mistakes. He is a good run blocker who plays with a defensive lineman's temperament. He gets off the ball; he has an excellent first step, he hits his aiming points, rolls his hips and gets movement at the point of attack and will pancake you. He takes good angles off the ball, he does good job of working with his tackle or center on combination blocks and he was very effective blocking a moving target at the second level. He gets out of his stance quickly on pulls and traps and he does a good job of leading blocking on tosses and sweeps. He plays with good leverage and hat level on pass pro. He is a knee bender; he is consistent on his pass sets and he has excellent foot work. He plays under control and he rarely gets himself out on position. He keeps a good base when he has to move laterally and does not get off balance. He has good hand placement he has an effective punch and he does lose many battles when he gets locked on. He does a good job on the bull rush because he has a low center of gravity. If there any weakness in his game is his overall body strength especially in the lower body and he is not always consistent using his hands. He will let defenders get into his body. Overall, it is about production and Hutchinson is a producer. He is not the best athlete who has ever to played the position but he just makes blocks. He is consistent, dependable and very efficient. He has raised his game to the pro bowl level. If he is available, take him. He would be a definite upgrade for any team looking for an offensive lineman.

    My Personal Take: All teams need a good line in order to maximize their investments they make in QBs and RBs. Hutchinson is one of the best guards in the game, and he has also been part of a winning team. Let him help teach the rest of the O-Line how to come together into a solid unit.

    Adam Vinatieri
    Grade 80 Expert's Take: Vinatieri has proven himself to be one of the best clutch field goal kickers in the league. He shows that he is capable of good consistency kicking in all types of weather and on all types of surfaces. He does not seem to be adversely affected by pressure situations in fact he thrives on pressure. He has outstanding accuracy on kicks inside the 40 yard line. He has the ability to be productive beyond the 40 however his consistency drops off somewhat. He lacks elite leg strength and he does not really explode the ball off his foot. He gets adequate lift on the ball quickly in the short to intermediate range field goals. His lack of elite leg strength shows up in his kick offs. He does not have the ability to put the ball deep consistently and he tends to kick the ball on a low trajectory which puts his cover team in a difficult situation. Overall he is still one of the best clutch kickers in the league inside the 40 yard line.

    My Personal Take: Kickers need to be consistent. Not only during the regular season, but during clutch playoff situations as well. Is there anyone better than Vinatieri? I don’t think so. If he can make clutch field goals outdoors in the snow, think about what he will be like indoors with no crazy weather. He may be high priced, but who is going to be asked to win games at the end of regulation with time running out. He may just be worth it.

    Drew Brees
    Grade 79 Expert's Take: Brees elevated his game in 2004 and he has continued to improve in 2005. He has improved on the mental aspect of the game and he is making better decision and he is doing a better job on taking care of the ball and managing the game. His QB mechanics are sound and he is quick on his pass sets. He does not have great arm strength but he has enough arm strength to get the job done. He is very accurate on his short to intermediate passes and when he can set his feet, he has enough velocity on the ball to throw the deep out and corner routes. He has improved his overall timing and touch on underneath, check down and swing routes and he throws a lot more catchable balls. He has good pocket presence, he has enough quickness and agility to avoid the heavy rush and buy him some extra time. He is not a scrambler but he has enough speed to get you some extra yards on bootlegs and roll outs. He has excellent ball skills and he does a good job on play fakes. He has improved his overall recognition skills and pre-snap reads. The problem with Brees is he lacks ideal height and arm strength. He has difficulty seeing over the line of scrimmage at times and he can not always see his intended target. He will get some ball batted down. He does not have the zip to throw the ball in tight spaces. He is not an accurate deep ball thrower and will overthrow more than he will complete. Overall, Brees surprised a lot of people in 2004 with his Pro Bowl performance year. You do not see a lot of drop off this year and if you look at the numbers, he has either improved or maintained the same as last year. However, productive running game makes him a better QB.

    My Personal Take: We have to face the facts. Most likely, Culpepper is most likely going to go elsewhere. We will need a player that can make smart decisions and is willing to let the players around him be the stars. Brees will get the job done if he has solid players around him.

    Jon Runyan
    Grade 78 Expert's Take: Runyan, at 33, is still an effective and durable player. He is has excellent size, strength and initial quickness. He is tough in a short area, he plays with a nasty attitude and he can overpower any defender who gets in the way. He is straight line and his overall athletic ability is average. He lacks good change of direction skills; he is stiff in the hips and he struggles when he has to block an athletic player. As a run blocker, he is a road grader and once locked on you are going for a ride. Takes good angles off the ball and he gets himself in good position to make the block. He uses his strong hand to control the defender and does a good job of getting movement at the point of attack and finishing his blocks. He does a decent job on combination blocks but struggles to hit the movement at the second level. He is not good in space and often will get cross faced by the defender. He is ineffective against one-gapers on his backside blocks and he struggles to cut of the penetration. As a pass blocker, he has a powerful punch and once locked on the battle is over. He has a good awareness and understanding of pass pro techniques and fundamentals. He is excellent against the bull but struggles when his has to block a good speed rusher or a wide rusher off the edge. He does not have the overall quickness to keep up and will get out of position and off balance. When he has to work in space he has a problem and he is better in a short area. Overall, Runyan is a player who is a classic overachiever. He is a tough, hard nose player who is going to battle you on every play and you better bring your lunch because it is going to be an all day project. Although, he is getting up in years he is still a consistent and productive player but he is on the downhill side of his career.

    My Personal Take: Again, we need a solid O-Line. Runyan knows Childress, and Childress knows Runyan. Let him help teach the new offense to the players around him. The coaches will have their hands full with a new offensive and defensive scheme.

    Will Witherspoon
    Grade 76 Expert's Take: Witherspoon has very good athletic ability even though he is a little undersized to be a physical presence in the box. He has very good foot quickness and he has the running ability to cover tight ends and backs in man coverage down the field. He is very quick to read plays and he has great lateral movement. He has great use of his hands in slipping blocks and he has the range to play sideline to sideline. He is very smooth in his movement and he shows that he has the ability to accelerate to the ball to make a play. He takes good angles to the ball in pursuit and he is a very aggressive hitter who clubs up with his arms. He has a nose for the ball and he does a good job when he is asked to come on a blitz. He lacks the bulk and strength to hold up consistently in the running game that comes straight at him. His best asset is his ability to run to the ball. He tends to play a little high and the bigger offensive linemen can engulf him if he forces the issue. In man coverage he tends to peek into the backfield and he is vulnerable to a double move. He is at his best in space and he is not built to be a power run stopper at the point of attack. He does an outstanding job on special teams and his athletic ability is well suited to cover teams.

    My Personal Take: Witherspoon is a younger LB that has proven he can be a major player on a solid defensive squad. Him, along with Peterson, could be huge for the Vikes. They both fit well in the cover 2. With Witherspoon, Peterson could even move to SS if Offord of Fox don’t work out.

    Isaac Bruce
    Grade 71 Expert's Take: The Rams tried to restructure Bruce's contract to keep him in St. Louis but could not come to an agreement. Bruce is still a good veteran player, but he is not close to where he was a few years ago. He was hurt a lot last season, and his numbers took a big drop. He still has very good hands and knows how to get open, but he has lost a step and can struggle to separate vs. solid man-to-man corners. He will have a small market, with interest primarily coming from teams looking for a veteran receiver to get them over the hump.

    My Personal Take: We have good talent at WR in my opinion. Now, all we need is a saavy vet to help them utilize their skills.

    Maurice Morris
    Grade 70 Expert's Take: Morris is a back-up to Shaun Alexander and needless to say he does not get a lot of reps at the RB position. He is a change of pace and third down back. He has contributed in the past on special teams as a return specialist. He is a good receiver out of the backfield and he gets most of his playing time on passing situation. He has excellent hands, he is elusive in the open field and he has good run after the catch ability. He has the ability to find the open area and he is a good route runner. He is a willing blocker, he has good awareness on blitz pick-up and he has decent pass pro techniques. As a runner, he does not have great size ands bulk but he does have excellent quickness and speed. He is an outside runner that has a second gear to get around the corner. He has good vision, change of direction skills and cut back ability. He can make defenders miss in the open field and he has the speed to take it to the house. He runs a little high and lacks bulk and power to be a good inside runner. He does not have the good lower body strength to break tackles and push the pile in short yardage situations. Overall, Morris is a good young back-up that keeps Alexander fresh. He has some versatility and upside to him.

    My Personal Take: Morris could be the next LaMont Jordan. He has run behind a superstar, and he knows the West Coast offense. He can do everything decently well.

    Lawyer Millow
    Grade 73 Expert's Take: Milloy's release was strictly a cost cutting move, as he still has a few good seasons left. He is a smart SS with excellent intangibles. He has a great leadership quality about him and has a knack for being able to get others around him to play above their abilities. As a player, he can still make plays in both the run and pass games. A veteran team needing a safety to get them over the hump would be wise to pursue Milloy.

    Sorry for the novel!!!

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    Re: Free Agent Pickups -Who Do YOu Want

    welcome to the site man holy crap that was sooooooooooooooooooooo long

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    Re: Free Agent Pickups -Who Do YOu Want

    Updated list of my free agency wants:

    1. Steve Hutchinson
    2. Drew Brees
    3. LeCharles Bentley
    4. Edgerrin James
    5. Will Witherspoon
    6. John Abraham
    7. Ty Law
    8. Nate Clements
    9. Charles Woodson
    10. Jamal Lewis
    11. Jon Runyan
    12. Darren Howard
    13. Rocky Bernard
    14. Antwaan Randle El
    15. Willie McGinest
    16. Isaac Bruce
    17. LaVar Arrington
    18. Aaron Kampman
    19. Cato June
    20. Julian Peterson
    21. David Givens
    22. Deshaun Foster
    23. Lawyer Milloy
    24. Adam Vinatieri
    25. Adam Archuleta
    26. Mike Vanderjagt
    27. Dave Zastudil
    28. Mack Strong

    Once again, I know that there's no way we'll get some of these players and some of them may not even be on the Viking's wish list.

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