"boognish" wrote:

No, this is a Green Bay Pecker type of post. This is a full time job for these guys, unlike you who just read articles from sports analysts. It's hardly time to start screaming like a little girl for the resignation of Foley. Ryan Cook is a great backup at center and face it, Birk is a walking injury. If he gets hurt again, who do we plug in at center? We let Withrow walk, remember?

We'll find our QB before the draft ends; have a little patience. I think we've had a decent, not spectacular, draft to this point.
yes, but this guy would probably still be around in the 3rd round, and even if he wasn't there are other centers they could have taken. that pick would be much better used for a QB, SS or ILB(we don't have any of those). hell i would have even been happier if they packaged the two picks and moved up in the second or even late 1st round, as we really only got value from one of our 2 2nd round picks.

to make things worse, they traded Pep for him. yes thats right, an all-Pro, record setting QB for a 4th round center, who most likely won't get much playing time at Center untill birk decides to call it quits.