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Thread: Former Viking..

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    Re: Former Viking..

    we had a topic on him awhile ago, did we not?

    either way, i would pass opn this guy. there are much better players to fit our system that would could take a run at.
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    Re: Former Viking..

    I liked Claiborne when he nailed Brett Favre in the 04 season playoffs


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    Re: Former Viking..

    He'll get an offer, but not in Minnesota.
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    Re: Former Viking..

    "VikesfaninWis" wrote:
    "PurplePeopleEaters89" wrote:
    LOL, seems like someone doesn't like ol' Chris!!! LOL

    I just always thought he was on the lazy side. I don't like his style of play. That doesn't mean that others don't like him. Hey if anyone likes him that is their right, and I can respect that. He just isn't the fit for the cover 2. If we were to sign him, I feel that is taking a step in the wrong direction..
    Hey i agree too!!! I thought he was too slow and lazy for our defense!!!

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