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    First Mock Draft

    The first mock draft of the year comes to us courtesy of PFT at this site:
    It has the Vikings selecting Brady Quinn with our 7th draft choice.
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    Re: First Mock Draft

    Interesting, but I DON'T see them taking Brady...
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    Re: First Mock Draft

    Craig Davis & Anthony Gonzalez are both 1st round picks (likely won't happen) and Dwayne Jarret & Sidney Rice aren't?

    That's not very realistic IMO.

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    Re: First Mock Draft

    I can't see the Vikes takling a QB in the first round.....maybe in the later rounds. If they cannot get Calvin in the first then I would love to see them trade down and pick up Sidney Rice....I really think he is gonna be a playmaker!

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    Re: First Mock Draft

    i think we need either a DE, WR, or TE with the first pick..we can pick up a QB via trade/FA
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    Re: First Mock Draft

    Kiper has us taking Ted Ginn Jr., WR Ohio.
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