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    Fantasy Guru's Look At The Draft...

    There are other positions listed in the full report but I didn't include them because these (QB, TE) were the only two positions in which the Vikings were indicated. I've bolded the players linked to them.


    From Fantasy Guru:


    1. Matt Leinart
    School: USC I Pos: QB I Ht: 6-5 I Wt: 223 I 40: 4.91 I Year: 5Sr

    Bio: Moved into the starting lineup as a sophomore and earned All-America and All-Conference honors ever since. Two-time Pac-10 Offensive Player of the Year recipient, and Heisman Trophy Award winner as a junior. Senior passing totals included 65%/3,450/27 after 65.3%/3,322/33/6 as a junior. Posted a career-high 3,556 yards passing and 38 touchdowns as a sophomore.

    Positives: Intelligent, high-percentage left-handed passer considered an outstanding field general. Throws with solid fundamentals from start to finish, patient in the pocket and always in control of the situation.
    Goes through receiver progressions, consistently looks off the safety and rarely makes poor choices. Cognizant of where receivers are on the field, displays a sense of timing and does not pull the trigger until the last second. Gets outside the pocket, giving himself better field vision, puts touch on throws when necessary and nicely places passes into receivers' hands. Displays stature in the pocket, withstanding the rush and always poised. Offers an adequate deep arm and zips short throws.

    Negatives: Not a quarterback who makes plays with his legs or can escape the rush. Lacks a cannon and cannot drive the deep ball.

    Final Analysis: Polished in all aspects of the game, Leinart is a leader who pushes himself on and off the field. May not fit a vertical offense yet excels in enough areas and offers the intangibles to be a franchise quarterback at the next level.

    Hansen's Fantasy Analysis: It would be a major shock if Leinart didn't have a very good pro career, so the real issue here is where he's drafted. The Saints and new head coach Sean Payton wanted to add a franchise QB, specifically one who is more of a pocket passer, but they got that in Drew Brees, so they are out. That means that Leinart could easily be reunited with his offensive coordinator at USC, Norm Chow, in Tennessee. That would be a good situation, but not until 2007 at the earliest, most likely. There are a number of other teams in the top half of the draft that could be willing to snap him up, including the Jets, Raiders, Cardinals, Browns, and Ravens. Leinart may not have as much upside potential as Jay Cutler or Vince Young, but he has very little downside over the long haul because, other than a lack of ideal mobility and the fact that he's probably not a great fit for a vertical passing game, he has absolutely everything it takes to excel at the next level. He probably won't be a stud fantasy performer a la Peyton Manning, but he will be a player who puts up strong fantasy numbers while performing excellently in NFL terms, a la Tom Brady and Drew Brees.

    2. Jay Cutler
    School: Vanderbilt I Pos: QB I Ht: 6-3.5 I Wt: 226 I 40: 4.83 I Year: 5Sr

    Bio: Four-year starter awarded All-Conference honors as a senior after leading the SEC in passing with 59.1%/3,073/21/9. Junior totals were 61%/1,844/10/5.

    Positives: Athletic prospect with the physical and mental skills necessary to start at the next level. Patient, stands strong in the pocket and immediately finds the open wideout. Displays a sense of timing, throws strikes and hits receivers in stride. Poised under pressure, can elude the rush and gets rid of the ball rather than taking a bad sack. Sells the ball fakes, accurate throwing on the move and displays toughness in all aspects of the game. Not afraid to challenge the vertical game and gets the ball through the tight spots.

    Negatives: Must improve the consistency of his footwork - releases the errant pass off his back foot. Made a lot of plays on the college level because of his strong arm. Will force the errant throw into coverage on occasion.

    Final Analysis: A consistent passer who has shown continual development throughout college, Cutler comes off a brilliant senior campaign. Must improve his fundamentals and pass placement but offers all the skills to lead a franchise into the future.

    Hansen's Fantasy Analysis: Like Leinart, Cutler, who should be able to work well in any offense, should be an NFL starter for a while. Unlike Leinart, he's very athletic and has good mobility and elusiveness for a big man, so he might have more upside potential for fantasy football. But also unlike Leinart, he has some issues with his mechanics, his accuracy (it was shaky at the combine), with what some view as a surely attitude, and ultimately more downside than Leinart. He's not yet a finished product, and he has some things he needs to work on and clear up, but due to his skills and intangibles, and considering how he's improved throughout his college career, he should be a solid fantasy prospect in 2-3 years, maybe even by 2007 if all goes well. One team that looks like a very good fit is the Vikings. If drafted by Minnesota, he would play and learn behind veteran Brad Johnson, and likely take over the starting job in 2007. They'd have to trade up to take him, though, so the Jets, Raiders, and Cardinals could be more realistic landing spots.

    3. Vince Young
    School: Texas I Positives: QB I Ht: 6-4.5 I Wt: 229 I 40: 4.45 I Year: 4Jr

    Bio: Three-year starter named Big 12 Offensive Player of the Year last season. Also honored as the nation's top player with the Maxwell Award.
    Passing numbers included 65.2%/3,036/26/10 with a team-leading 155/1,050/10 on the ground. Combined for 467 total yards during the Longhorns' National Championship victory over USC. Led Texas to victory on eight different occasions when the team was trailing or tied at halftime, including five fourth-quarter drives.

    Positives: Sensational athlete with a high upside. Possesses a quick release and can throw all the passes. Sells the ball fakes, withstands the rush and leads receivers between the hashes. Nicely times the outs, loses nothing throwing on the move and improvises when plays break down.
    Gets the ball downfield with a flick of his wrist. Accomplished carrying the ball, displaying vision, power and speed.

    Negatives: Sloppy throwing motion and releases the ball below helmet level at times. Must improve his touch and downfield accuracy. Does not always find the safety and puts the ball up for grabs. Wilts under the rush, makes poor choices or leaves the pocket early.

    Final Analysis: A pressure player who performs brilliantly when the game's on the line, Young has the underlying skills to be a franchise quarterback at the next level. Needs a tremendous amount of work from the ground up, but a perfect choice for a franchise building for the future rather than a team expecting immediate results.

    Hansen's Fantasy Analysis: Like Cutler, Young has some downside, but he might have more upside potential than any other player in the draft this year - at any position. A major wildcard, Young is too talented not to have a solid NFL career, so the question is, how well will he progress once he enters the league? The obvious and well-documented concerns with Young stem from his (reportedly) low score on the Wonderlic intelligence test. He ran a basic system in college, so he will have to show he can run an NFL system, read NFL defenses, and process the information he will see going up against the defenses at the next level. He also has to work on his mechanics (his side-arm delivery is worrisome, but some scouts aren't concerned with it) and has to improve his decision-making. But he's a big and very athletic weapon with excellent intangibles and football intelligence, and unlike another athletic QB in Michael Vick, Young is
    (generally) an accurate passer. If he can handle the mental aspects of the game, I think, fantasy-wise, he will wind up being a player who is somewhere between Vick and Dolphin QB Daunte Culpepper. But he's still very raw, and he will need time to develop, so hopefully he'll be drafted by a team that is willing to be patient with him, as the Titans were with Steve McNair a decade ago. Tennessee could be in the running for him, as could the Raiders and Cardinals, among others.

    4. Omar Jacobs
    School: Bowling Green I Positives: QB I Ht: 6-4 I Wt: 232 I 40: 4.84
    Year: 4Jr

    Bio: Two-year starter named MAC Offensive Player of the Year as a sophomore after numbers of 69.9%/4,002/41/4. All-Conference selection last season after struggling through much of the campaign with a shoulder injury, posting 60.7%/2591/26/7.

    Positives: Ultra-productive collegiate passer with potential for the next level. Poised in the pocket, finds the open wideout and places throws where only his receivers can make the reception. Goes to secondary targets and possesses a quick, explosive release. Has a powerful arm and effortlessly drives the ball downfield. Possesses a good sense of timing, hitting receivers as they leave their breaks. Picks up yardage with his legs when things break down.

    Negatives: Struggled as a junior in reading defenses and tossing the ball into coverage. His throws lack touch. Shuffles his feet in the pocket.
    Has a low trajectory, throwing the ball through his ear at times. Rarely took a snap behind center.

    Final Analysis: A system quarterback, Jacobs made a poor choice entering the draft after his junior campaign. Far from polished, he has the physical skills to play in the NFL but must learn a pro-style offense.

    Hansen's Fantasy Analysis: Jacobs could be drafted late in the first day due to his impressive potential. You really have to stand up and take notice when you see a big and strong athlete who threw 41 TD passes versus 4 INTs (he did that two years ago). However, he's very raw and not fundamentally sound, plus he needs to show he can be a pocket passer, so he's no lock to develop into a quality starter in a couple of years.

    5. Brodie Croyle
    School: Alabama I Pos: QB I Ht: 6-2.5 I Wt: 205 I 40: 4.94 Year: 4Sr

    Bio: Three-year starter who totaled 59.6%/2,499/14/4 as a senior. Played in three games as a junior before tearing a ligament in his right knee.
    Moved into the starting lineup as a sophomore and passed for 2,303 yards.

    Positives: Solid intermediate passer with a terrific sense of timing.
    Stands strong in the pocket, buys time for receivers and displays excellent awareness. Displays good speed on short and intermediate passes. Looks off covered receivers, does not make poor decisions and is always in control of the offense.

    Negatives: Has a long throwing motion which slows his release. Cannot drive passes down field and is rarely on the mark with long throws. Durability is an issue.

    Final Analysis: A quarterback with outstanding intangibles and a player who led Alabama to several game-winning drives last season, Croyle lacks top upside but could be a very effective second quarterback at the next level.

    Hansen's Fantasy Analysis: Due to his solid tools and intangibles, he should also be drafted late the first day and will likely open the 2006 season as a team's #3 QB. He'll need planetary alignment to see the field, but he has the passing skills to eventually be a guy who challenges for a starting job. If the Vikings miss out on one of the Big Three at the position, they could take a flyer on Croyle as possibly their QB of the future.


    Tight Ends

    1. Vernon Davis
    School: Maryland I Pos: TE I Ht: 6-3.5 I Wt: 254 I 40: 4.40 I Year: 3Jr

    Bio: All-Conference and All-America selection as a junior after totaling 51/871/6. Sophomore totals were 27/441/3, when he started six games. Ran 4.41 at the combine, totaling 33 repetitions on the bench press.

    Positives: Explosive athlete swiftly developing into an outstanding football player. Quick off the snap, gets downfield and creates mismatches in the secondary. Plays with good pad level, adjusts to the throw and makes the difficult reception in a crowd. Has soft hands, and is a sturdy pass catcher who takes the big hit then holds onto the ball.
    Immediately transitions up the field running after the reception. Solid route-runner who quickly gets into breaks then stays low on exit. Shields opponents away with his frame or physically beats them down to make the catch. Strong, controls opponents at the point blocking or beats jam at the line of scrimmage.

    Negatives: Still raw and indecisive on the field. Not a dominant drive blocker who finishes.

    Final Analysis: An exceptional athlete, Davis offers tremendous upside potential. Continuing to make strides in all areas of his game, he is a top 12 pick who will grow into a complete TE at the next level.

    Hansen's Fantasy Analysis: There was a time when young TEs needed a lot of time to develop, but we've seen guys like Jeremy Shockey, Antonio Gates, and Heath Miller excel and put up good numbers right away. In Gates' case, he put up great numbers, and Davis, who has sick talent and tools, has a chance to be in the realm this year, if he lands in the right place. He's such an intriguing talent that any number of teams could take him early in the first round, but it's pretty safe to say he won't get past the Rams at #11. He could easily go to Arizona, which would be a good spot, or the 49ers could pull the trigger. Wherever he goes this year, he'll be worth taking a flyer on in the mid-rounds due to his upside potential. A former hoops player, he has viewed extensive tape of Gates, and might just be the next AG.

    2. Leonard Pope
    School: Georgia I Pos: TE I Ht: 6-7.5 I Wt: 258 I 40: 4.67 I Year: 3Jr

    Bio: Broke into the starting unit as a sophomore and has won All-Conference honors ever since. Led the team in receiving last year with 39/541/4 after 25/482/6 as sophomore.

    Positives: King-sized pass-catching threat who creates mismatches in a defensive secondary. Quickly releases into routes, remains focused throughout the action and makes the tough grab in a crowd. Immediately gets to top speed and consistently makes important receptions down the field. Extends and adjusts to grab the pass from the air, displaying soft and strong hands. Gives effort blocking.

    Negatives: Lacks footwork in pass protection. Bends at the waist as a blocker and does not finish the play.

    Final Analysis: An imposing target, Pope has been a game-changing pass-catcher the past two seasons. May never turn into a dominant blocking force but his playmaking skills catching the ball will give him significant opportunities as a rookie.

    Hansen's Fantasy Analysis: Davis is a stud, but Pope is a freak. He's a huge target, but he's also an athlete with good hands and outstanding speed. He may need a year or two to add some bulk to his frame and then truly break out, but he is a very intriguing fantasy prospect similar to Jerramy Stevens, who is also huge and very athletic. He doesn't have the baggage coming out of college that Stevens had, and he should go late in the first or early in the second to a team that should need him to step in and play a lot right away, so keep an eye on him. Potential landing spots include St. Louis, Chicago, and Minnesota.

    3. Marcedes Lewis
    School: UCLA I Pos: TE I Ht: 6-6.5 I Wt: 261 I 40: 4.85 I Year: 4Sr

    Bio: Three-year starter awarded All-Conference and All-American honors as a senior after a team-leading 58/741/10. All-Conference recipient as a junior after 32/4077.

    Positives: Exceptional pass-catching tight end with tremendous upside for the next level. Quickly releases into routes, finds the soft spot in the defense and consistently makes plays in the secondary. Has soft hands and pulls the ball from the air even with defenders draped on him. Works back to the quarterback and regularly makes the acrobatic grab. Takes a pounding yet holds onto the throw. Works hard running after the reception, displaying the ability to break tackles and carry the pile. Plays with outstanding focus, concentration and body control.

    Negatives: Must improve his blocking strength and intensity.

    Final Analysis: A team player who displayed a willingness to work hard and improve his game, Lewis is a natural receiver with consistent hands.
    Needs to polish his blocking yet offers starting potential at the next level.

    Hansen's Fantasy Analysis: Lewis looks like a very strong NFL player, but also one who might just settle in as a good, not great one. He was so-so at the combine, but he did well in UCLA's pro day on 3/16. Another former hoops player who played for UCLA as a freshman, Lewis likes to think of himself as a combination of Tony Gonzalez and Antonio Gates, so self-confidence isn't an issue. This is a good year for TEs in terms of the talent available and also in terms of the teams that need them, so even though Lewis is only the 3rd-best prospect, he should be drafted early by a team that needs his services. If the Rams miss out on Davis in Round One, they could snap him up in Round Two, for example. So he should be a fantasy factor this year. He'll likely go in the second to one of the teams looking for a TE, including the Cardinals, Rams, Bears, Vikings, and Bengals.

    4. Anthony Fasano
    School: Notre Dame I Pos: TE I Ht: 6-4.5 I Wt: 250 I 40: 4.73 I Year: 4Jr

    Bio: Full-time starter the past two seasons. Junior totals were 45/564/2 after 27/367/4 the prior year.

    Positives: Athletic tight end and natural pass-catching threat. Quickly releases into routes, adjusts to the errant throw or lays out for the difficult reception. Extends making the reception away from his frame, displays solid concentration and works to pick up yardage after the catch. Consistently finds the open space in the defense. Blocks with excellent pad level, jolting defenders at the point of attack.

    Negatives: Does not always win out in battles. Marginally strong and cannot finish blocks.

    Final Analysis: Possessing a solid combination of intelligence, athleticism and intensity, Fasano offers starting potential at the next level as a move tight end. Could be an effective blocker in time as he physically matures.

    Hansen's Fantasy Analysis: Playing under former Patriot offensive coordinator Charlie Weiss last year, Fasano should be well-prepared for the pro game, and he should go to a team that is in need of a pass-catching threat at the position.

    5. Joe Klopfenstein
    School: Colorado I Pos: TE I Ht: 6-6 I Wt: 255 I 40: 4.66 Year: 4Sr

    Bio: Three-year starter and All-Conference selection since his sophomore campaign. Senior totals included 32/463/4 after 33/418/5 as a junior.

    Positives: Athletic tight end consistently making plays in the defensive secondary. Quick into routes, displays outstanding focus and consistently makes the difficult reception. Will extend for the difficult catch or easily adjusts to the errant throw. Uses his frame to shield away opponents and plays heads-up football. Adequate route-runner and gets separation from defenders.

    Negatives: Marginal playing strength and has trouble finishing off opposing linebackers.

    Final Analysis: A playmaking tight end with outstanding work habits, Klopfenstein learns quickly and has been reliable at Colorado. Offers the tools to develop into a productive starter at the next level and should see significant action as a rookie.

    Hansen's Fantasy Analysis: He's got nice size, but his fast 40 time is what stands out, and it's what will give him a chance to make an impact this year and beyond. He's also known for his work ethic and intelligence, so he should be a solid pick in the middle rounds and a solid backup who could see time right away.


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    Re: Fantasy Guru's Look At The Draft...

    how are we looking for a TE? Wiggins and Klein!
    Its not braggin if you can do it!!!

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    Re: Fantasy Guru's Look At The Draft...

    Good question. I had the same thought. The only thing I could think was that both players are starting to get a little older and TE plays a major part of the WCO, from my understanding, so we may want to get the jump on a good TE.

    Also, keep in mind that this site really only ranks offensive players because it is a fantasy site, so their opinions are a little skewed.
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    Re: Fantasy Guru's Look At The Draft...

    Am I the only one that thinks Leinart is gonna be a total flop?

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    Re: Fantasy Guru's Look At The Draft...

    "sirweeze" wrote:
    Am I the only one that thinks Leinart is gonna be a total flop?
    umm nope, leinart was surrounded by a lot!! of talent.
    I don t buy Wisconsin cheese.

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    Re: Fantasy Guru's Look At The Draft...

    "sirweeze" wrote:
    Am I the only one that thinks Leinart is gonna be a total flop?
    i see vince young having a more succesful career than leinart

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    Re: Fantasy Guru's Look At The Draft...

    Vince is a sutdddddd!!!! He will be a vike in 07!

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    Re: Fantasy Guru's Look At The Draft...

    I Hope we get Cutler

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    Re: Fantasy Guru's Look At The Draft...

    were gonna get cutler since he might drop to 17

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    Re: Fantasy Guru's Look At The Draft...

    "Vikez4Lyfe" wrote:
    Vince is a sutdddddd!!!! He will be a vike in 07!
    Are you drinking again, Vikez???

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