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I would rather get Carr for a third rounder and let him compete with TJack in training camp.

IF we are gonna give up draft picks, it needs to be to trade UP in the draft to get Calvin Johnson...whomever our QB is gonna be is gonna need SOMEONE to throw the ball to that can CATCH it!!!
I agree.
I wouldn't be against signing Schaub at all.
I like his style of game.
However, I think Carr would thrive with a front line that can protect him (assuming ours can).
That and the fact it would only require a 4th rounder and restructuring of a contract I would think Carr would be a good fit.
However, if Carr is unwilling to restructure (let's face it he deserves the money after the crap he's received most of his career) I would go with Schaub over Carr.
Totally agree!!! Carr first.......... Schaub second....... Quinn never.....
I'm not sure about Quinn,
Obviously he hasn't taken an NFL snap.
But he looks like to me he willl be a good QB with proper coaching and time.
In this case, IMO, I would take experience over the draftee given our situation right now.
If this was last year I may have a different opinion.