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    ERNIE SIMS Interview

    Here's the transcript of my interview with Ernie Sims. I hope you guys enjoy it. I want to thank Ernie for taking the time to talk with me. If you enjoy these interviews, please support us by heading over to and checking out the site. Thanks...


    LE: What have the last few months been like for you?
    ES: They’ve been exciting. I’ve been moving around a lot. I did the Combine and everything, and that was pretty nerve-racking. Right now I’m traveling around, visiting with teams. I just visited with Detroit, Chicago, Baltimore and Indianapolis, and then tomorrow I’ll be visiting Washington and Tampa. So, right now we’re just getting ready for the Draft and everything.

    LE: What are you most looking forward to about Draft Day?
    ES: My name being called out in the top 10, really. That’s something I’ve dreamed of. I’ve been watching players get drafted in the top rounds since I was a little kid. It’s something I’m excited about, for my family and me, and we can’t wait for it.

    LE: Is there a specific team you’d like to play for, maybe a team you rooted for growing up?
    ES: Probably Tampa Bay. I always watched them when I was younger. Another team that I’ve grown to love watching is the Baltimore Ravens, mostly because of Ray Lewis.

    LE: A lot of people are talking about you fitting well into the defensive system used in places like Tampa Bay and Indianapolis. What type of defensive system do you think you would fit best in?
    ES: I think the teams that I’ve been visiting like Detroit, Chicago and Tampa Bay. Teams that run that Cover 2 defense, where the Will can pretty much run around and make a lot of plays. I think that’s the type of defense that I’m best suited for. Basically, the type of defense that Derrick Brooks has been so successful in.

    LE: What do you say to critics who question your size?
    ES: You know what, I just tell them I’m a football player. I can’t control what my size is. I just go out there and make plays. I’m not as tall as some linebackers, but I’ll tell you one thing, I can play just as hard, or even better, than they can.

    LE: You are an NFL scout. Break down Ernie Sims. What are your strengths and weaknesses?
    ES: I think my main strength is that I’m very explosive. I hustle to the ball a lot and I give great effort. I think I need to take better angles to the ball. Some coaches might think that I might be too small for their defense, but other coaches may love it, and see that my speed is my biggest asset, and that I would fit their scheme perfect. So, it really depends.

    LE: A lot of people are comparing you to fellow FSU star Derrick Brooks. How do you feel about that comparison?
    ES: I’ve seen him several times on film, especially at Florida State, and the main thing we have in common is our speed. I think that’s what a lot of people see when they compare the two of us. You can’t really say, “This player is like that player,” because every player is different, but again, I think the reason people compare myself and Derrick Brooks is because of our speed.

    LE: What did it mean to you to play at FSU, with such a great tradition of playmakers, especially on defense?
    ES: It was a great privilege. To play for a team that’s had so much success, and especially playing for Bobby Bowden, it was a real privilege to be a part of a tradition like that. I mean, with all the players that have come through there like Derrick Brooks, Deion Sanders, Warrick Dunn, Samari Rolle, and it just keeps going. All these great names who played there, and if you think about it, it’s never going to end. There’s always going to be great players coming through Florida State. It’s really a privilege.

    LE: Because of the NFL success of players like the ones you just mentioned, do you think that your time at FSU gives you any kind of advantage over some other prospects?
    ES: Like I said, if you think about it, Florida State is always going to have athletes coming in, and we always have so much depth on our team, and we have all-stars coming in here every year. The idea of competing is like second nature to us. Every day in practice, we compete. We know what it takes, and we know that you’ve got to earn your position. You can’t just walk in and have a starting spot given to you, like in high school. It’s not a cakewalk.

    LE: Tell me about your high school football experience at North Florida Christian, a Class 1A school (smallest class in FL), and the success that they had while you were there (4 state titles). Also, did anyone ever question your ability because they thought you weren’t playing against good enough competition?
    ES: Well, that’s always going to be the case. People are always going to look at what class you play in, and say that, “Oh, you’re only in Class 1A”. The thing that I would tell them is that the players in Class 1A are very gifted. We’ve had several players go to college, and on to the next level. It proves that Class 1A wasn’t a cakewalk. We played bigger schools, several times. I remember when we played Lincoln (Tallahassee, Class 4A), and Lincoln will tell you that they had the utmost respect for us because we played them so tough, even though we may not have had the amount of athletes that they did. People always talk about how I went to a Class 1A school, but we won 3 state championships while I was there, so it couldn’t be that bad.

    LE: What were some of the key factors in your decision to leave FSU early?
    ES: The main thing for me was it was just a great opportunity. A lot of players pass up that opportunity, and I didn’t want to do that. Also, a lot of players want to see if they have a good chance to go in the 1st round, and that’s the thing that I was really thinking about, “Do I have a great chance of going in the 1st round?” Everyone I talked to said I had a great chance, so I wanted to take that opportunity.

    LE: What would be your ideal situation: Getting picked higher and possibly making more money, or maybe going at a lower pick to a team who could best use your skills, and possibly be a playoff contender?
    ES: Everyone wants to be picked high and make more money, and don’t get me wrong, I would love that. But, I’m hoping that the team that picks me picks me for the right reasons. At the same time though, I hope that team picks real high. I’m not a normal linebacker. I’m smaller than a normal linebacker. A team isn’t going to pick me just to pick me. They’re going to pick me because I fit well with their scheme.

    LE: Who are some past or current players you try to emulate on the field?
    ES: Derrick Brooks and Ray Lewis are pretty much it. I really like watching LaVar Arrington, too. I like the way he plays. Pretty much, any linebacker that plays with a lot of intensity, and is very aggressive, hustling to the ball a lot. I like watching Brian Urlacher play, too. Those are the type of guys that I love to watch.
    I havent seen this posted and since many of the mocks have us taking him I thought some of you might enjoy this

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    Re: ERNIE SIMS Interview

    LE: What do you say to critics who question your size?
    ES: You know what, I just tell them I’m a football player. I can’t control what my size is. I just go out there and make plays. I’m not as tall as some linebackers, but I’ll tell you one thing, I can play just as hard, or even better, than they can.

    I love it

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