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    Re: Eric Moulds Released

    "SuperVikes07" wrote:
    Should We get Him?? He Is A
    Vet He Could Be Are Marus Robinson But wit speed?
    I wanted us to consider him the last time he was available...and wouldn't mind if the Vikings at least checked to see if he had anything left in the tank.
    The dude can at least CATCH the catchable balls that are thrown to him!

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    Re: Eric Moulds Released

    If you would like to discuss board behavior, then take it to a new thread.
    Bring it up with me.
    No more hijacking this thread.

    If Moulds was cheap I don't know even then he's worth the look, other than some veteran leadership.
    We don't even have a high quality QB, so much good that will do.

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    Re: Eric Moulds Released

    I was actually thinking of us signing him before he got released, if we cant get Calvin Johnson we may need a veteran for whatever rookie(s) we draft to learn behind and ive always liked him.
    plus he can be a good reliable veteran for jackson to work with if he ends up being the QB just so its not just rookies, williamson and T-jack out there.
    and plus as with every other reciever that we hear about he would be an improvement over what we have.

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    Re: Eric Moulds Released

    Prohet does have a valid point, sarcasm or not.
    Even though I have only been here a few months myself Prophet Del Rio, and a couple of others have posted things I don't always agree with but they have always made some solid point, even if I disagree. But I also like the fact that peoiple have different opinions, the board would be boring otherwise and Prophet adds a hell of alot to this place.

    ON the Moulds issue. I personally am very anti 1 or 2 year solutions for players. Moulds IMHO has been a very overated WR his whole career. Travis Taylor would offer alot more to this team than he has. Yes we need
    some seriousl help at WR But I really doubt that Moulds is anywhere near the answer.

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    Re: Eric Moulds Released

    "Freakout" wrote:
    "mr.woo" wrote:
    we have enough number two and number 3 recivers. the only difference between number 3 and 2 is work ethic.
    we need is a number one reciver to make the defense play honest and hopefully roll coverage over to him. i think calvin johnson is that guy.
    We do?
    Care to name all these #2 and #3 guys?
    sure, williamson, robinson, mcmullen, those guys arent that bad to be 4th stringers and they sure as hell arnt 1st stringers.
    woo out
    just two corn cobs shy of a bushel

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    Re: Eric Moulds Released

    Moulds would be an better than most of the wide
    outs we have currently.
    I am hoping they pick up
    one of the following Daunte Stallworth, Kevin Curtis,
    or Sammie Parker.

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    Re: Eric Moulds Released

    Let's just get Moulds, Curtis, and draft Jarret.

    Or just get Gaines Adams at #7 and then draft the next best wide out.

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