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• When you think about who should be the serious players in the Drew Brees sweepstakes, which should be fast and furious, it may be easier to list the teams that should have no interest in Brees. As one former general manager said to me: "A player of Drew Brees' stature rarely is available in free agency and I can only think of 12 teams that shouldn't look at him seriously."

• The more the rumors circulate about Daunte Culpepper possibly being traded, the issue will turn to what kind of deal makes sense rather than just cutting him. The Vikings star QB is hurt and no team wants to take a risk with big trade compensation until it knows he can regain his level of play.
These quotes from Pat Kirwin at NFL.com make sense, don't say much to clear anything up, but they make some sense.

What I made out of it, is that we are probably not one of the 12 teams that should be looking at Brees and we are not going to cut DC or be able to get good compensation for him if we trade him.
why would we cut an injured quarterback to pick up another injured quarterback?
That too!!!