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    ..draft day stories..

    can anyone tell me the cinderella stories & the hard luck stories from the draft so far? i mean, has anyone gone to the team they support or their home town etc. conversely, has anyone gone somewhere they didn't want to or to a team they hated before or something to that effect..
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    Re: ..draft day stories..

    First off.. Chad Greenway grew up in South Dakota.. Went to a small school, and played 9 man football in high school. His entire hometown went nuts when they found out he was picked.... By the Minnesota Vikings. Why? Because everyone in that town is Viking fans.

    When Greenway was a kid, he grew up liking the '9ers and the Vikings.. Can't go wrong with that.

    He'll be a Cinderella story if/when he becomes a linebacker like Lewis or Urlacher.
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