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Thread: Draft

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    Re: Draft

    "Ddawg84" wrote:
    1st rd pick--- Ernie Sims
    2nd rd pick--- Darnell Bing
    2nd rd pick--- Omar Jacobs
    3rd rd pick--- Greg Eslinger
    5th rd pick--- Marcus Vick ( take a chance on him even though he is an idiot, he might shape up battling with Jacobs for the job of takin over for BJ!... this risk is worth the reward if our QB coach can mold him.)

    definately will not all happen... i dont think anyway... but that scenerio would make the vikings a force to be reconded with, if they are not already...
    I agree with you up to Marcus Vick. In no uncertain terms.. F--k Marcus Vick. If the kid acts like a prick in college, with everyone there to support him and try to keep him on the straight and narrow, and he STILL pulls out 9's at people, then how is he going to act when he's on his own in a new city?!

    Did I say how much I loved your other picks though?


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    Re: Draft

    1st rd. RB LenDale White- The Cheifs were laughed at when they selected Larry Johnson when they already had Priest Holmes, who's laughing now! Vikes could do the same here...
    2nd rd. S Darnell Bing- could fill a huge hole at S...
    2nd rd. QB Omar Jacobs- Brad may only have a season or two left in the tank, need to groom a replacement..
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    Re: Draft

    Childress is interested in trading up in the draft for a QB. We may package the 2nd rd that we got from Miami with a player to be named later for a higher selection (Saints #2?). I would love to grab Leinart

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    Re: Draft

    NFL | Draft being held at Radio City Music Hall
    Wed, 22 Mar 2006 09:50:31 -0800

    The Associated Press reports the 2006 NFL Draft will be held April 29-30 at Radio City Music Hall in New York. The 2005 draft was held at the Javits Convention Center, moving from the theater at Madison Square Garden because the NFL was upset with Garden management for opposing the proposal for a new stadium for the Jets on Manhattan's West Side. The proposal ended up being rejected by a state committee.

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    Re: Draft

    "LLBalla19" wrote:
    As everyone knows the draft is coming. i just wanted to know what all the other viking fans are wanting in this years draft. Who are the top 5 players that would help minnesota the most, but could also fall past the top ten knowing we all love the reggie bushs but he just aint gonna fall to the vikes pick.

    here are my top 5

    5. LAURENCE MARONEY (but we just signed taylor)
    Davis, Huff and Maroney will probably all be gone by the time we pick...Sims and Williams may still be there...I would take Sims if he is!

    I still think that we are gonna draft an OT in our spot...Marcus McNeill is my choice there...he could probably step in and start at RT right now (with Marcus Johnson at RG...unless we sign Stephen Neal first)

    Where in VA are you, Balla?

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    Re: Draft

    Lets start by saying Cutler is OVERHYPED!!!
    1. D. Williams or White
    2. I would go Hodge but, his bench was kind of weak. So, Giles OG from GA
    3. Omar Jacobs

    4. Greg Blue, GA Safety

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    Re: Draft

    Man, it just seems like all the good teams have a good signal caller when it comes to winning big games ! I hope we draft a QB and let him learn the ropes after his second season. It would feel better to know that he was our choice and was a viking all the way. I know only in a perfect world but I would just love to have someone from the start and have him win the 5th visit to the big game!!! Sounds good from here ! However I feel good about Brad and and have faith in our squad. Skol vikes and never lose the HORNS OF MIGHT
    Any matter can be resolved over a few coldies.

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    Re: Draft

    #1 Vernon Davis is top 10-15 so no chance of that, a QB might fall to us at 17 with someone free falling.

    I want a LB, Omar Jacobs, and a SS
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    Re: Draft

    I don't like your #1 needs here is mine.

    1 Jay Cutler
    2 Matt Leinart (If We Could Get Him)
    3 Darnell Bing
    4 Michael Huff
    5 Ernie Sims

    We need to trade up in my opinion say the Saints at #2 because they already have a QB now

    Formerly Viking24

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    Re: Draft

    here is my ideal round-by-round draft....

    1 Jay Cutler, QB, Vanderbilt (with all the QB signings he could fall to 17)
    2aD'Qwell Jackson, LB, Maryland (MLB of the future)
    2bDonte Whitner, S, Ohio St. (Give some competition to Willie Offord who is coming off of a ACL? injury)
    3 Nickel Corner or RG/RT (depending on the best value avaliable)
    4 CB or RG/RT (whichever was not selected in the third round)
    5 Pass rushing situational DE (Maybe Ryan LaCasse from Syracuse?)
    6 FB prospect (Maybe Garrett Mills out of Tulsa)
    7 Traded for Toniu Fonoti

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