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    Re: Don't be surprised

    "sleepagent" wrote:
    "mystykoekaki" wrote: must be on crack to think that Vince will be available pick #17.
    It appears that with all the activities during FA, he's already dropped to #13 according to the folks at FOXSPORTS. #17 doesn't seem too far off to me.
    Ther only problem with that is.... that mock.... It seems messed up to me anyway... Why the hell would the vikings take Chad Jackson in the first round???? They have a speed guy-TW, they have an all around threat, K-Rob, and They have both Travis Taylor and M-Rob as possesion Receivers. That is even counting Burleson as being a Seachicken. Who do they think we are... The Lion's!

    Thanks Lotza!

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    Re: Don't be surprised

    "viks_fan21" wrote:
    Wow, I've always been down on VY but that was when he was a top 5 guy. If he drops to #17, we absolutely have to take him. Or, I can't believe I'm saying this, but we should consider a trade up to grab him. Wow, I feel dirty! I couldn't complain about us packaging #17 and one of the 3rd rounders for a trade up to about 13 or 14 and picking up the NCAA's best player (that's right Reggie, I said it).
    ditto. It wasn't too long ago that the Texans were thinking about taking him. Hell, maybe even draft another QB later on in the draft. Maybe.
    I Love Kerry Collins (and John Rocker).

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    Re: Don't be surprised

    If we do pick a QB in the first couple rounds this year, which I hope we do, I have confidence that the new coaches can get the right guy. Childress, as well as the offensive coordinator, Darrell Bevell, are both former QB coaches. If there is one thing this coaching staff should be able to do, it is select and develop quarterbacks. I hope anyways.

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