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    DiehardVikesFans Mock Draft

    I'm gonna take a crack at it. Not gonna try and predict any trades though.

    1. Houston: Reggie Bush- They will take him, even though I don't agree with the pick
    2. New Orleans: AJ Hawk-I actually think they will probably take Brick, but Hawk fills a greater need.
    3. Titans- Mario Williams-They need an end badly. I think they will suprise some people and pass on a QB.
    4. JETS-Leinart-I heard a rain drop hit Pennington and he is gonna miss some more time.
    5. Green Bay- Haloti Ngata- They lost Grady Jackson, so I think they might grab Ngata
    6. San Fran- Vernon Davis- Alex Smith needs someone to make him look good
    7. Oakland-Michael Huff-Woodson won't shut up, and they have their QB of the future in Walter.
    8. Buffalo-D'Brickshaw Ferguson-Probably the best player in the draft(IMO) falls to Buffalo at number 8. This probably won't happen, but I am going out on a limb.
    9. Detroit- Jay Cutler- I don't think they would take Cutler over Young at this point, they might trade down, but I don't think they are interested in Young. Chad Jackson is also a possibility here. (What kind of a mock would this be if I didn't throw in a overused Lion taking a wide receiver joke?)
    10. Arizona- VINCE- Denny Green gets the most dangerous player in the draft.
    11. St Louis-Jimmy Williams-they need a DB, and Williams can play DB or S, and he probably thinks he can play quarterback too.
    12. Cleveland-Broderick Bunkley-The browns think he can play NT or DE, and he probably can.
    13. Baltimore-Winston Justice- their o line was bad last year. Their tackles were also old. So, they bring in the young stud in Justice.
    14. Philadelphia- Santoinio Holmes- they need a WR, and most people would guess Chad Jackson, so I am guessing Holmes. I have absolutely no reason for this, just a gut feeling.
    15. Denver-Chad Jackson-Lelie is on his way out. That leaves a vacancy.
    16. Miami-Kamerion Wimbley-I hear the Phins are switching into a 3-4, and he could be an OLB.
    17. Minnesota-Ernie Sims-The player I want them to get falls to them in my own mock? COOL
    18. Dallas-Manny Lawson-DeMarcus Ware AND Manny Lawson. Sweet.
    19. San Diego-Tye Hill-He is small, but...he is the best corner in the draft
    20. Kansas City-Antonio Cromartie-they were 30something in pass defense. They also may go for a pass rusher.
    21. New England- DeAngelo Williams-Dillon is old.
    22. San Fran-Chad Greenway-OLB-I don't even know who their OLBs are now, that can't be good.
    23. Tampa Bay-Marcus McNeil-Their Oline has been mediocre for too long.
    24.Cincinati-Marcedes Lewis-Tight end is their biggest need, and Lewis is the best left. They also need a DT, but none left warrant this pick.
    25. NYG-Eric Winston-Giants get a franchise tackle that falls into their laps
    26. Chicago-Leonard Pope-will create mismatches
    27. Carolina-Maroney-they don't have a #1 back, and Maroney is a steal here
    28. Jacksonville-Tamba Hali-Jacksonville strikes gold thanks to a "slow" 40 time. However, he won't be able to run down any receivers 40 yards downfield because he didn't run a fast enough 40 time.
    29. NYJ-Nick Mangold-Mawae can't last forever, Mangold is a steal at this point.
    30. Indy-Demeco Ryans-need to keep building defense, they can pray for a good back in another round. (Addai is not worth a first round pick)
    31. Seattle-Davin Joseph-Need a guard. Joseph is the best. They reach a bit, but..whatever
    32. Steelers-LenDale White-aka Bus Jr.

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    Re: DiehardVikesFans Mock Draft

    I think Miami would grab Simms, if he were there. I hate those guys, so I just know they'll mess with me. It's all good, though, if Greenway is still available. My guess is that neither Greenway nor Simms will be there. Its a feeling I have, that LBs will fly off the board earlier than expected. I'm sure I don't know what will transpire, and I will be glued to my TV on Saturday.

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    Re: DiehardVikesFans Mock Draft

    not another one most these mock drafts are so similiar don't people get tired of them? and the vikings are gonna grab an offensive tackle for the right side. after all the times childress has said how important the o-line and d-line are people just see through that for some reason.

    plus with all the sacks carr gets and their crappy awful o-line why would they draft a running back when they already have a good one? they need brick and if they don't make him #1 they are stupid.

    hawk isn't gonna fall to #5 somone will grab him he's supposed to be the sure bet.

    and if cutler is so dang good why do all these teams say he's so good for? thats just bad business, they wanna draw attention away from the players they want; and the reason he was brought in for a workout is because the team has questions about him, same as leinart. they never actually brought in vince young did they? either he's the guy they want or they have absolutly no intrest in him.
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