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    Re: Did We Get Anything We Wanted This Off Season??

    "olson_10" wrote:
    "SageVike" wrote:
    I Mean Did We? We Got A 4th String WR who will play 2nd for us. A 4th String LB who will Play 2nd For us An a 3rd String TE Who wll Play as Our 1st Good Job Wilfy!! 3 Of my friends who where die hard vikes fans for 8 years switched to the pats!!! ur scaring away the people!!! Diddnt they say they needed to bring in big names in other to get the staduim??? well ur doing a hell of a job Wilfy!!! Worst than the Penny Pincher McCombs At Least He wouldve Done Something!!!Lets Face We Went From Lookin like Carmen Electra To Freaking Rosie O Donnell!!!
    okay heres the deal..u are another of these completely clueless ppl that just dont have the sense to get mad at the proper thing..we NEEDED a special teams tackling machine, and we got one in Ciurciu..we NEEDED a kick returner that has good hands and can also play receiver, and we got one..we NEEDED a young, blocking/pass catching TE, and we got one..they arent high profile, but they play the roles theyre being brought here to do very well..these were all great signings

    its not the signings we have made, its the signings we havent made..get a clue
    That sentence right there should pretty much end sagavike's arguement. But whack's awesomely long post suits the purpose just as well.

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    Re: Did We Get Anything We Wanted This Off Season??

    "Prophet" wrote:
    "Marrdro" wrote:
    "NodakPaul" wrote:

    Curtis' agent, Bruce Tollner, said the Vikings made the decision a difficult one.

    "They were first-class in their effort to sign him," Tollner said. "They put forth a great effort and really finished in the top couple. Whether it was the top two or three, they were really in the mix."
    For all those nay sayers who said we only made a half hearted attempt at signing Curtis...
    They will automatically tune this out somehow.
    Won't change a thing NP.

    Re-read some of my posts today.
    Seems I might be in a bad mood.
    These are the kind of quotes that you have to stash away.
    It's like the play calling issue.
    You can shoot it down with actual play-by-play stuff from and the same morons will use the argument over and over and over again.
    I'm relieved to see a lot of posters coming out of the woodwork and trying to put some logic into many of the illogical posts.
    There was a few months where the idiots took over the boards and it is nice to see some sense of rational thought processes returning.
    I agree.
    JDogg926 even put in some stats in one of his.
    Pretty good post to by the way.
    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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    Re: Did We Get Anything We Wanted This Off Season??

    It seems like many of the above posts address the issue of timing; the question in the title of the thread neglects to consider that free agency is not over, and is not the only source of additions to a team.

    Also consider that the Vikings did NOT get the players they did NOT want.

    And they subtracted most of the players they did NOT want making more mistakes in games, or causing more legal and public relations problems off the field.

    The second and third issues are ignored by the critics of the Vikings free agency signings to date, but they are sooooo important when you consider the problems caused by K.Robinson, O-Whizzinator Smith, Love Boat Perpetrators, Culpepper, Ti-scalping, Moss, Tabu Club Tag-Team Fighters, and a few others.
    Add to that the players who were mistake prone, and under-performing due to injury, who were released, and the off-season moves made to date are definitely positive when viewed as 'adition by subtraction'.

    When we stop to think about it, most folks behavior isn't perplexing after all !

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    Re: Did We Get Anything We Wanted This Off Season??

    I'm getting a 50" plasma TV this off season!!!
    Does that count for NEXT season???

    As for the team.....Patience is a virtue as they say!!!
    Win or lose, Stink or Greatness....Its all about LOYALTY!!
    When All else least theres Football. Beer, and Women (not necessarily in that order)

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