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    Re: Did The Draft Help The Vikings?

    "pack93z" wrote:
    Of course the draft helped the Vikes... however your prediction of Rodgers destruction is just about as nauseating as Packer fans falling over themselves thinking we aren't going to miss a beat with Rodgers at the helm.

    Go back an watch tape... when the Packers struggled in pass protection... a greater majority of the time it was due to stunts... both line and backer stunts.. Cliffy will be fine on the outside... I too wonder about the interior of that line... however unless Frazier incorporates a ton of different looks in the front seven... I think the match up will be a good one... with both sides winning their share...

    Another point that seems to be lost within this thread is that we aren't going away from the quick rhythm passing game... which in all honesty will minimize the effectiveness of your pass rush... placing the pressure on the weakness of your defense.. The secondary.
    The secondary was upgraded by the addition of Madieu Williams...and is already flush with talent (Pro Bowler Darren Sharper and All-World Antoine Winfield) plus plenty of options on the other side if Griffin falters (which I don't think he will).
    Add to that what many considered the BEST safety in the draft and the secondary will hardly be a weak spot on the Vikings.
    Especially playing behind the BEST defensive line in football. Cliffy is gonna have to hold Allen all day long if he wants to keep Rodgers upright.
    All he has to do is lose a few battles all day long for Allen's day to be considered a rousing success.
    Remember that.

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    Re: Did The Draft Help The Vikings?

    "gagarr" wrote:
    "PackSux!" wrote:
    Do you smell that?

    I think Rodgers just pooh himself again thinking about our defensive line.

    I would say yes the draft helped out our team.
    Every draft does.
    I wouldn't say that.... if the Vikes didn't invest a 1st rounder on TWill, I think he would have been kicked to the curb earlier.
    So IMO drafting TWill HURT, as he was given way too many chances.
    One person does not hurt a whole draft, So you cannot say that.

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