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Thread: Derrick Brooks

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    Re: Derrick Brooks

    I am even shocked I am saying this, but I would pass on Brooks unless he is cheap and we can't get the other LB's we want. He is definitely on the decline of his career and he just isn't worth a lot of money. With studs like peterson and witherspoon out there, I would much rather break the bank and sign one of them, then maybe pay a little less for a player on the decline like Brooks.

    Don't get me wrong, I still think Brooks is 100% better then what we have had at LB lately, but I just think we have to spend our money on a young stud like witherspoon or peterson. LB has been a weak spot of this team for a long time now and we need to do whatever we can to fix that while we have the money and while there are 2 studs out there for us to get.

    Brooks would be on my list of possible additions at LB for us this offseason, however he would be down a ways on that list.

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    Re: Derrick Brooks

    Bad news boys

    Brooks restructured..


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    Re: Derrick Brooks

    that is ok, if we know he is not available maybe they will focus on some of the younger lb's available.

    Thanks Lotza!

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