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Thread: Derek Anderson

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    Derek Anderson

    Ok, so we traded for another washed up QB in Rosenfels, were not going anywhere with him. TJ right now is are only hope, but we all know he isnt going to do anything. Booty might be promising but there is no talk of him ever and it seems like we never give him a chance.

    So why the hell didnt we go after Derek Anderson? Ok, so he had a rough year last year, but remember he was a PRO BOWL QB that has a good arm and would fit into a west coast scheme. But yet we go after crappy rosenfels. What are the Vikings thinking, I mean seriously if we had a QB like anderson we would be damn scary. Or even Cutler, how come we didnt go after him more aggressively? Either Childress has something up his sleeve for a draft pick or he is just an idiot.

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    Re: Derek Anderson

    Not trying to be a dick, but this topic has been debated a ton of times.'

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