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Thread: Deal in place

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    Deal in place

    Vikings not passing up Culpepper trade

    Adam Schefter By Adam Schefter
    NFL Analyst

    (March 9, 2006) -- The Minnesota Vikings have a deal in place to trade quarterback Daunte Culpepper, team officials confirmed. The trade is imminent, with the deal expected to go through March 10, just before the start of free agency.

    Where Culpepper is going is the biggest mystery in the league. As of now, it is not Oakland. The Raiders and Vikings spoke, but Oakland is trying to gauge whether or not it wants to try to match, or beat, the other teams' offer. It will spend the night of March 9 mulling its decision.

    Daunte Culpepper couldn't get along with the new regime in Minnesota.
    Daunte Culpepper couldn't get along with the new regime in Minnesota.
    But the Vikings have made it clear that they have found a suitable trade partner, with suitable compensation, and now Culpepper and the Vikings each will get their wish. They will part ways, leaving on more bitter terms than wide receiver Randy Moss left Minnesota last season.

    Culpepper could not get along with new Vikings coach Brad Childress, and the quarterback has upset various members of the organization with what they feel is his immature behavior. Their relationship, by all accounts, will end Friday. But the only ones who knows where Culpepper's next relationship will resume are the Vikings and their trading partner.

    Teams in need of quarterbacks include the Dolphins, Saints, Lions, Jets, Ravens and Raiders, who still have not released Kerry Collins, even if it has been reported that they have.

    Chances are, one of those places will be Culpepper's home this season.

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    Re: Deal in place

    Do you have any idea how many times this has been posted? Ugh.

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    Re: Deal in place

    UMMMM REALLY where did you get this breaking news from

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    Re: Deal in place

    Look at the date. :roll:

    Posted mucho times.

    Especially cause it is old.

    Cannot sign in once a month a think this will fly.

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