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if you think about it guys, look at how the vikes have pieced together the wr corp.
they should all compliment each other well.
bb's speed and deep threat ability should open things up for wade in the middle, along with the running game and tight ends.
sidney rice, as well as the running game, cannot be a main focus if we establish berrian will make them pay.
rice and berrian should both be solid red zone threats.
if we use 4 wr sets ferguson is not exactly a bum so i'll take my chances with him on a 4th corner.
as well with allison.
we may not have a fitzgerald who is gonna catch 100 balls, but the objective is to make people honor the pass.
plenty of teams have won super bowls without having to throw the ball 50 times a game and having a wr with 90 catches and 1400 yards.
we've seen the formula work before and i believe this is what we're doing.
Excellent post my friend.

Hard to convince a few on here that we are a run first kindof team instead of a throw it deep every down kindof team.

Probably left over exuberance from the days of Moss/Carter/Reed were those guys were the primary focus and guys like Robert were the secondary focus.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, you just don't come in and do the following and plan on using the pass first:

Get the best G (Hutch) in the league.
Get a solid banger in a RB (CT).
Start down the path of installing a blocking scheme that is supports a heavy running attack (Zone Blocking Scheme).
Draft a second stud RB.

We are and always will be a run first team on offense and a team designed to stop the run first on defense.
what does that to do with the price of tea in china when without a competent receiving core we couldn't run the ball last year towards the end of the season.. and now all of a sudden we get BB and are supposed to be able to throw the ball...??

i don't care how we move the ball as long as it get moved.. but i still say we need another legit threat to open up the box even more.. i'm just not sold on a BB for Twill swap...

additionally, while i have mediocre respect for Bwade.. i think our slot guy could be a little more dangerous.. bwade strikes the fear of GOD in noone.... he's a 4th receiver at best...
Ferg or AA will take that spot soon IMO...
It doesn't have a fricken thing to do with tea or China.
Try to keep up my beeeyyyyattching about everything friend.

We are talking football specifically how all the WR's fit into the role and what role that piece has to do with the overall offensive scheme and we are all well aware of your feelings on the crappy team you cheer for.
Who's we Mar, you don't have those little voices in your head do you.