Yesterday, you posted: Both of the Packers' starting offensive tackles, Chad Clifton and Mark Tauscher, are pending unrestricted free agents. At 34 and 33, respectively, neither player has a long career ahead of him.

Today, you posted: Left guard Steve Hutchinson struggled with back pain last season but has many years left in his career.

How does Hutchinson, at 32, have many years left on his career after suffering back issues while Tauscher, at 33, has little left in his career after appearing to be recovering from a knee injury? Is one year really that much? I don't understand. I think the two players need to be compared so we can get a justification of how Hutchinson plans to defy age while Tauscher is a victim to it. Why wouldn't Hutchinson follow a similar age/career progression? I just find the difference interesting with no explanation of the logic behind it to fall back on.
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