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    Czar's Blog....Alabama Sleeper!

    This is on

    There is also a very minimum blog about Wilf firiing Foley, but the most intresting part of the blog is written below:

    Alabama sleeper

    Even I know how unfair it is to post grades on NFL teams minutes after the draft ended. It makes more sense to judge each draft three years down the road when picks either materialize or not. I knocked Minnesota’s trade and late second-round selection of Alabama State QB Tavares Jackson. Well, several clubs revealed this week that he was moving up the board. The kid has plenty of mobility and a very strong arm. “He’s a two-year project,” said an AFC scout. “But our quarterbacks coach liked him so I went back and looked at five of his game tapes. I can see why the Vikings took him.”

    Hopefully the hype around Jackson becomes true. I think 2 years behind Brad J. might be just what this kid needs and hopefully he becomes the next Minnesota Vikings franchise QB.

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    Re: Czar's Blog....Alabama Sleeper!

    Already posted in a thread currently discussing Jackson.

    Agent: Tarvaris Jackson popular pick

    Please review: How to post articles

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