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    Re: Could We Trade For Romo?!?!

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    When is the last time in history that a team traded away their starting QB (sans Culpepper)?

    GB last year to the Jets.
    Drew Breese
    he wasn't traded... he was a FA remember...
    There have been several teams that have let starting quarterbacks go for one reason or another.

    Brees had Rivers behind him. Favre had Rodgers behind him. Montana had Young behind him, etc. etc.

    I think the better question to ask here is, why would the Cowboys let Romo go with no one to replace him while he's the face of the franchise and is in the prime of his career?

    The optimum word here is "traded"

    Brees was a FA, he was not traded.

    Favre was retired, Rodgers was named starting QB. If Favre had been allowed to play for GB last year, it would have been in a back up role, not as a starter.

    Young was named the starting QB over Montana. Montana was a back up when he demanded a trade.

    Drew Bledsoe was traded, but was he to be the starting QB in NE in 2002 or was he going to be back up to Brady? I believe he lost that starting role to Brady in 2001 after he had come back from being injured.

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    Re: Could We Trade For Romo?!?!

    Just say no to ahogo Romo ;D

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