"Vikes" wrote:
NO you MUST respect the salary cap. Read my words respect the salary cap. You don't need to pay a ton of money for everyone.

You need to develop a team with good leadership. This all starts at the top and it's what's makes the good teams GREAT and the bad teams bad!!!!

Give me a break look at the Packers on paper I thought we would destroy them. But year after year they find a way to OUT manage the Minnesota Vikings. That is the difference at this point.

Hopefully the Vikings under Ziggy's regin will produce that quality leadership we are lacking.

We are dumping the bad apples and trying to make people understand that working or playing for the Vikings is a honor and should be treated as such.

Look at the Pats and Eagles they get away with short-changing players all the time.

Bad or good depends on what you want. Some people a healthy work place is more important to them. Some are driven by money.

But if you create that feeling that's it's an honor to play for this team you get GREAT players at great prices.

My bigger fear is losing great leaders like Tomlin and replacing with newbie's that don't command the respect of their players. There is only a salary cap on players not coaches.

So Ziggy please spend wisely.

I agree, with one exception that is immediately apparent.
I don't think you should categorize NE and Philly as getting away with 'short-changing' their players.
The stars are well-paid, e.g. McNabb, Brady, and the role players get FAIR pay.
The proper distinction to make is that many role players are OVERPAID.

Eventually, players who are overpaid by teams foolish enough to do what is suggested by posters who say 'forget the salary cap' will come to a crossroads in their career.

Their lesser actual worth to their teams results in them being forced to renegotiate their contracts; e.g. Kleinsausage, and some do, while others are cut and forced to find a job at a lower salary.
This is an inevitable market correction of price.
The problem is that teams who overspend have 'discontinuities' of their roster, which disrupts team chemistry, and it may also drive up the cost of replacing quality role-players they have to cut.

Carry on with the well-thought out posts!