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    Combine'11: Minnesota's unenviable task

    INDIANAPOLIS -- The Minnesota Vikings arrived at this week's scouting combine carrying the most intense personnel burden a team can face: They have no starting quarterback and no clear path for finding an obvious answer in the draft.

    Combine'11: Minnesota's unenviable task

    a very good read and I had forgotten how many QBs we've worked out way through in recent years.
    Time spent annoying a Packer fan is never time wasted...

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    Re: Combine'11: Minnesota's unenviable task

    His two points contradict themselves. He makes the point that to get a franchise QB you have to pick one in the first round. He then blames Childress for not doing so.
    Truth is Chilly only passed on 1 first round QB, Brady Quinn, and that was to draft Adrian Peterson.

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    Re: Combine'11: Minnesota's unenviable task

    The most important position in football...we have only drafted two first round QBs. Enough said! Trade back to the 20th pick and select Ryan Mallet please.

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