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    closing the door on the 2005 draft

    It comes as no surprise, but the Vikings lost the last member of their 2005 draft class today when offensive lineman Marcus Johnson reportedly signed with the Oakland Raiders. ESPN had the news of the signing this afternoon.

    This closes the door on a draft class that was a complete bust. That hurts even more if you’re the Vikings, given that the team had two first-round picks that year. The first, obtained from Oakland in the Randy Moss trade, was used on wide receiver Troy Williamson. The Vikings then took defensive end Erasmus James 18th overall.

    Williamson and James were both jettisoned last offseason with the Vikings getting late-round draft picks from Jacksonville for Williamson and Washington for James. Johnson was then taken in the second round, safety Dustin Fox went in the third round, running back Ciatrick Fason in the fourth round, defensive tackle C.J. Mosley was selected in the sixth round and cornerback Adrian Ward in the seventh.

    Johnson’s career in Minnesota got off to a good beginning as he started eight of the 14 games in which he played, including the opening four at right tackle. Coach Mike Tice thought enough of Johnson that he even said the rookie reminded him of Hall of Fame guard Randall McDaniel at one point.

    Brad Childress took over in 2006 and Johnson started 10 games at right tackle, but the next season he did not start a game. In 2008, Johnson was active for only seven games and did not make a start.

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    Re: closing the door on the 2005 draft

    That was an awful draft class.....

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    Re: closing the door on the 2005 draft

    Finally the door is closed. Wow, that was a terrible draft. C.J. Mosley was the only one I missed when he left.
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    Re: closing the door on the 2005 draft

    Is the door really closed?

    Thank goodness we seem to have got back on track with respect to drafting cats that fit the scheme, but I wonder what the long term ramifications of that draft will eventually have (i.e. trades involving draft picks/huge FA contracts etc).
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