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    Re: Childress silences naysayers (me included !)

    "NordicNed" wrote:
    "Marrdro" wrote:
    Great idea for a thread but as some have pointed out the Chiller, even though he helps with the value board and overall draft stategy, has very little to do with how/who/what is drafted or the moves that are made up and down the board.

    As to the other point, everyone was at Winter Park except a small contingent that represented the team on the draft room floor.
    None of the Triangle were present.
    I can verify that by watching the damn thing from start to finish and wondering who the 3 guys sitting at the Vikes table were.
    Sorry Marr, but I beg to differ,
    the Head Coach ( Chilly )
    has alot more say than some people here are willing to give him credit for.
    And the draft board is layed out and put in place well before draft day.
    With a great number of scenerio's also.
    Sure it's a team effort with FO, Scouts, Assistants, and Head Coach, when it comes to building up a draft board, but it's the Head coach's philosophy and systems that will be played out on the field.
    He has alot more influence on who does and doesn't
    play for us, than some are giving him credit for.
    And the one with the least impact on our picks and pick-ups is yes, us the fans...

    I think you just moved down on Marrdro's spreadsheet a few rows.

    "If at first you don't succeed, parachuting is not for you"

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    Re: Childress silences naysayers (me included !)

    "UffDaVikes" wrote:
    Childress will silence his critics on the field and not through the players the team acquires. If getting the most expensive free agents in the offseason was enough Dan Snyder would be on Mount Rushmore.

    He now has the talent that he wants and there are no more excuses for the team underperforming. If used correctly there is enough talent on this team to be very competitive and I pray they are.
    And there you have it.
    There truly ARE no more excuses.

    We've dogged the WR corps since Moss was traded - Berrian and Rice (With some help from Wade) should make us respectable there again.

    We have the best 1-2 punch running attack in the NFL...period.

    Our O-Line is servicable, with a couple of stand out players.

    Our Defense is downright frightening, and it's one glaring deficiency has been addressed (on paper).

    The only glaring weakness we have (again, on paper) is Jackson.
    Now I know that the "True Believers" will start blathering on about his "progress" and his "potential" it.
    He's done zip.
    He has a fantastic opportunity to make an impact this season - as he finally has a decent assortment of talent around him on Offense - but there has been precious little in his past performances to point to as an indicator that he will, in fact, make that leap.
    If he does, fantastic.
    We'll be well on our way.
    If he doesn't....well.....Booty won't be ready for at least a year.

    But, in the end, it's time for Childress to make his move.
    To determine whether or not he deserves to be the Head Coach of this franchise.
    His first two seasons were studies in disappointment.
    Now that he has the team he wanted, it's time to walk the walk.

    IMO, nothing short of a deep play-off run will suffice.
    While a Superbowl would be nice, I think we're a year or 2 away still (gotta have time for the components to gell).
    But with the NFC the way it is right now, there is no reason the Vikings can't go deep in the post season.

    I've beaten Childress up on this site for 1 1/2 seasons.
    I don't think there's any need to keep on blasting him...we've heard it all already.
    But, the gauntlet has been thrown.
    Making the play-offs won't cut it.
    We need to make a statement in the play-offs.
    And that statement is, "We are about to be the new Power in the NFC".

    We'll see.


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    Re: Childress silences naysayers (me included !)

    I can't judge Childress on a week in the offseason, even if it's draft week and a week in which we acquired a great DE.

    I'll judge him when/if he starts winning games.

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    Re: Childress silences naysayers (me included !)

    StillPurple, obvisouly, you don't think TJack will do crud this season, and your guess is as good as mine, but I wouldn't get it in your head that Booty will get to start, and unless both of our QBs get hurt...or we shock everyone and lock up homefield advantage early, I wouldn't expect the guy to touch the field in regular season.
    He does have a history with the West Coast offense at USC, which helps, but for one thing, being a rookie, he probably wouldn't do great in a regular season game as a rookie, this guy will take time to develop...Like it or not, TJack has that starting position locked up IMO, unless his training camp is horrible, and I can only see him doing better than last year, certainly no worse...For now, Booty is the fall back option...

    TJack has this season to prove himself, and he'll get the start, if he gets hurt or benched, Frerotte will come in, thats why we signed him.

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    Re: Childress silences naysayers (me included !)

    I like Caine have seen nothing tjack has done that leads me to believe he can lead this team.
    i dont care how young or how few starts hes had.
    and go ahead and talk about the drops twill had.
    the bottom line is that when teams started stacking 8 and 9 men in the box even sean salisbury would have found an open receiver....tjack couldnt.

    If you can blame chilly for anything this season it will be sticking with tjack to long.
    I put a sig on here before, but it expired?
    Now i have tried again but seem to be retarded.......oh well,

    Floop the bears!

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    Re: Childress silences naysayers (me included !)

    My only knock on Childress is his adjustmnets/lack of. This season i will like to see a screen, a toss, a few bootleggs, and a few more trick plays. Last season was a joke from an offensive adjustment point of view.

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    Re: Childress silences naysayers (me included !)

    I think we are going to be in really good shape this season. I have faith in T-Jack and in Childress to get us into the mix at the top of the NFC. And in the coming years, we may an NFC power. I truly think we have the components in place ... and it is on Childress to get us where we need to go.

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    Re: Childress silences naysayers (me included !)

    I'm not ready to give the chiller his due just yet. I'm thrilled at the product that the FO has given chilly to work with. More then a few times the vast majority of us have looked at the amount of money the vikings have been under the cap since the dawn of the Wilf Dynasty and bemoaned at the though of the second coming of Red. In hindsight the previous FA classes and available players for reasonable trades were lackluster. Now it is all coming together like a Machiavellian masterpiece and my praise goes to the FO.
    This is the year where chilly will show us what he's made of.


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    Re: Childress silences naysayers (me included !)

    Childress won't silence anyone until he wins in the regular season, not the offseason.

    I m like a Ja Rule poster, cause I'm off the wall.

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    Re: Childress silences naysayers (me included !)

    The TJack bashers will most likely be eating crow by midseason.
    Those that say he hasn't done anything to show that he can be the man are only focusing on his mistakes...basically ROOKIE mistakes...where he was trying to make plays where there weren't any.
    Yes, he shouldn't have thrown that rainbow pass or fumbled at inopportune times, but let's face it...better last year than this year.
    He DID have some good games down the stretch, but he couldn't get over the hump when the playoffs were on the line.
    The Vikes weren't going to win the Super Bowl last year anyway, so it mattered little whether he was great or not.
    This year will show improvement...probably just enough to get the Vikes where they need to be.
    Close to the Super Bowl but not quite there....and as long as TJack reduces his stupid mistakes (basically by not forcing the action), the Vikings should be right in the mix.
    To expect otherwise is very cynical to say the least.
    The Vikings have put them in a very good position by drafting Booty should TJack fail to take that next step...but at least the front office has made the right giving TJack this year to make his move, while not making themselves too vulnerable in the longer term.

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