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Thread: Chad Jackson

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    Re: Chad Jackson

    We could trade up a few spots and get AJ Hawk from OSU the best LB in the draft or maybe get Chad Greenway from Iowa at pick 17. Abdul Hodge is another good LB from Iowa that will be available in the 2nd round.
    Q: At your age, can you handle a full season?
    A: I m 37, number one. I took my family to Perkins a couple of days ago, and they didn t hand me a senior citizens discount card, so I feel pretty good.
    (Brad Johnson at an interview before the start of the season)

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    Re: Chad Jackson

    I would like to see A.J. Hawk as a Viking. I don't want to get a receiver with our first round pick. We need a Lb and QB first IMO. We have more then enough first day draft picks to move up some spots and grab an A.J. Hawk or Cutler. I would like to see us make some sort of a manuever to grab an instant starter unless its a QB, he will have to be play behind Brad Johnson and learn some tricks of the trade from the old dog himself.

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    Re: Chad Jackson

    Chad Jackson is the man. He is not a T-Will clone; Jackson excels at taking short to intermediate passes, and then getting RAC. He has excellent hands, and is very built for a WR. They will make a great tandem, and this is coming from a big Gators fan. btw, Williamson of Troy, I think Dallas Baker is never going to be the player it seems he is capable of being. Does not work hard enough, and every year he teases you in preseason and at the Orange and Blue game, but that's gone by the time real play rolls around. I love Andre Caldwell, though.

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    Re: Chad Jackson

    We need a possession receiver with Nate gone though, make sure we go with needs as well as talent
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    Re: Chad Jackson

    "HornedHat" wrote:
    I saw that, and it scared me! LB, QB, SS, OL and then look at WR, maybe. Crap, I'd rather have an RB at 17 than a WR in this draft. I'd love to have a Chad Jackson IF we could KNOW he was the real deal. I just think that these late draft risers are too iffy.
    yeah, exactly, see Troy Williamson for an example of that.
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