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Thread: Chad Jackson

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    Chad Jackson

    I recently saw Mock Draft 4.0 on that had us taking Chad Jackson WR Florida Gators. Any thoughts now that we may, more than likely lose Nate?

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    Re: Chad Jackson

    Linebacker, QB, Corner, O-lineman or Safety before Wide Receiver! just my opinion, doesn't mean the Vikings couldn't do exactly that!
    What we've got here is failure to communicate.

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    Re: Chad Jackson

    I saw that, and it scared me! LB, QB, SS, OL and then look at WR, maybe. Crap, I'd rather have an RB at 17 than a WR in this draft. I'd love to have a Chad Jackson IF we could KNOW he was the real deal. I just think that these late draft risers are too iffy.

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    Re: Chad Jackson

    LB, QB, OL

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    Re: Chad Jackson

    I Guarenteeeee that Chad Jackson will not be in a Vikings uniform in 06..

    This would be absolutely dump.. and Childress is a clever man!

    He's a speed guy, much like Troy Williamson, and we already have Troy Williamson..!

    Even with Nate gone, we are set at WR with M-Rob, K-Rob, TT and Troy..

    btw here the link..

    Williams to NO wont happen either, they will take Ferguson.. im very sure of that..

    Im pretty sure that VY will go to the Raiders if he's on the board when they pick..

    As goes for our pick, where would be much more value in picking all of theese guys..

    Manny Lawson OLB N.C. State 16th
    Eric Winston OT Miami
    Bobby Carpenter OLB Ohio State
    Marcus McNeill OT Auburn
    Donte Whitner SS Ohio State
    Chad Greenway OLB Iowa (Greenway would be the pick if he has on the board)


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    Re: Chad Jackson

    I don't understand why everyone think we are set at wide receiver. Having alot of them doesn't make them good, not one of these guy played well last year (TT played better than the rest). Though I don't think the draft is where we'd find the guy we need.  159

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    Re: Chad Jackson

    We need a WR but not early in the Draft. We could find a good WR late in the draft.

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    Re: Chad Jackson

    We got Burley in the third round, whose to say we couldn't do that with Seattle's pick?

    Oh how I'd love the irony if that were to happen.

    I don't think we need a wide receiver either. My first priority would be an impact middle Linebacker. Someone who would make an immediate impression like Lofa Tatupu or Odell Thurman did for Seattle and Cincy respectively.

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    Re: Chad Jackson

    OLB,QB,MLB, OG,CB than a WR.
    Its not braggin if you can do it!!!

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    Re: Chad Jackson

    I hate to say but its a good move picking up another third round pick. All the "Experts" are predicting a good year for middle round picks.

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